Friday, December 18, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

16 weeks, 5 days ultrasound

It's a boy!  Will try to upload ultrasound photo later.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lists, glorious lists!

My mom and I were having the most philosophical, in depth conversation the other day—about the values and intricacies of a to-do list. Or really, any list, so long as it is detailed and you can scribble out your accomplishments. We are, in fact, such nerds that sometimes when we do something that is not on our to-do list we write it on the list, just to have the pleasure of crossing it out. Sometimes there are to-do lists for our to-do lists. Currently I have 4 running lists. (Which is nothing compared to mom, but I won’t tell you about hers and risk embarrassing her in public.) I have a list for Nathan to-do before we leave, and for me to do before we leave. Then I have a list of things that HAVE to go in the car with us. Important things, like winter boots and jackets and beef jerky and a pillow and my chipmunks Christmas CD. Then I have a fourth list of things I’m supposed to ask Dr. H about. Things I was supposed to ask him about on my last appointment, but got too excited about hearing Baby’s heartbeat on the Doppler to remember to ask.


I know I will also be too excited to remember my questions this appointment, because we are having our second ultrasound! So we’ll get to see our chillun, and hopefully find out it’s gender. Which means that I will get some new pictures of said chillun. Which means that after the sonogram when we go to meet with Dr. H, I will, like a dork, want to show him said pictures, just like last time. This is somewhat how I imagine things will go:

Me: Look! I got some new pictures! (shoves them at him to see)

Dr. H: Thinks, yeah I reviewed them before I came in the room so I would know what to tell you. It looks just like any other 17 week old fetus. Like a little alien. Says, What a cute baby! Congratulations! (hands them back)

Me: Thinks, why did he say my baby is cute. It looks like a little 17 week old alien. Not so much cute. But for sure more human than the gummy bear we got pictures of last time, about which I was still unreasonably thrilled. Whatever, I guess that’s what I’m paying him to say. Says, Thanks.

In excitement, forgets all about questions-that-must-be-asked. Goes to pay grumpy front desk lady. Pulls out check. See’s list of questions-that-must-be-asked. Looks for nurse to ask if I can talk to Dr. H again. Will have to wait until the next appointment.

In reality of course, I hope that I will remember the list of questions-that-must-be-asked BEFORE I leave the exam room.


So aaaany ways, I have three of my four lists (the Dr. H list is in my purse so I don’t forget it) arranged neatly across the front of the refrigerator. I cross my things out when I complete them. On Sunday night, after Nathan finished working on the car, he came in and I asked him if he was done. He marched over to the pen holder, grabbed a pen, and briskly scribbled out the things he had accomplished on his to-do list. It was really funny the way he did it. I said, “See honey, isn’t is nice to be able to mark things off a list?” He grumbled, “NO!” as he continued intently scribbling.

Sure. Uh-huh. I know that one day my continued attempts to help that man be organized will be appreciated.

Monday, December 14, 2009

16 weeks and holiday treats

16 weeks! Seems like it was just yesterday that I found out I was pregnant. My little poppy seed has grown to an avocado, and in just a few short days we will see it again. Don’t be modest, little one! This is the only time Mama will ever want you to show your bits. And in honor of being 16 weeks preggo, here’s a picture!

This weekend I finished unpacking and organizing my house. I bought some super-classy (sarcasm) shelves for the garage, and spent my Saturday banging nails into the wall for cords and various hangable items, and arranging other stuff all over the shelves. I went through all of the plastic tubs and organized and sorted, and even went through my books and weeded some out.


But everything is very organized. Then I decided, well, that wasn’t enough work for the day, so I figured I’d make Christmas treats! I made puppy chow, and several batches of two different kinds of Christmas cookies. I was planning on cookie plates for nine people so I had to make plenty.

I made Puppy Chow first.  This is Nathan's favorite holiday treat and I make it for him every Christmas.  I also don't believe that my family has ever had it and I wanted to take some up to Ohio. (EDIT: I lied. I forgot my family helped make many batches of puppy chow for our wedding favors.) I only made a single batch of this.  You need: One box rice cereal, one bag chocolate chips, one jar smooth peanut butter, 1/2 stick butter, and 3/4 bag of powdered sugar. Put the jar of PB, the bag of chocolate chips, and the 1/2 stick of butter in a microwave safe bowl and melt. Stir occasionally.  Dump the cereal into a large bowl. ( I don't have a super huge bowl so I do half, dump it out, and do the other half)  Pour your melted mixture over cereal and stir gently until coated.  Pour some of the powdered sugar into a bag ( I used a garbage bag. Yes, it was clean.) Pour your coated cereal in, and cover with more powdered sugar.  Shake. When covered, spread out on wax paper to dry.  Store in airtight container. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS VERY VERY SWEET.

Then I made Christmas cookies. I can't remember their names, but they are cookies we traditionally make in my family.  They are super-yummy!

The cookies you see in the ziploc baggies are the cookes I have to take to Ohio with us.  There were many, many more than you see in the picture!

(Oh, and to get those ziploc baggies, I had to go to The Armpit Of The Earth--otherwise known as Walmart--after church on Sunday. Not. A. Good. Idea.)

Anyways, I filled up 9, yes 9, little plates with my festive Christmas bites. Four for the men than helped us move. Two for my bosses.  One for my baby doctor (and his note says from Baby!). And one for my parents-in-law, and one for my sister-in-law and company. Nathan helped me by covering them in green Saran-wrap.

And then, since I couldn't walk like an upright human, I hunched and stumbled my way to the couch where I begged a foot massage from my newly-arrived-home husband.

Sunday was church and then an afternoon spent buying car parts, picking up Nathan's motorcycle, picking up tools, working on the car to ready it for our much anticipated journey, and picking up my cookie mess and doing dishes. Blech! Yet again I worked myself into painful hobbling, and didn't get to bed until waaaaay past my bedtime, but all-in-all it was a very productive and enjoyable weekend.

The moral of the story is: You. ARE NOT. Superwoman.  So CHILL!!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Girl's Night In

Melissa and I had a girls night last night.  She died my hair for me, and I made a microwave cake for her! This cake takes seriously about 5 minutes from start to finish, and it tastes wonderful.  It's a recipe from a family friend and this is the first time I've tried it myself. Melissa said it was a good thing I made it for us to share, since she liked it enought to have eaten all of it!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Formerly on barefootmummy...

For the early days of our pregnancy, check out  Due to blogspot's technical difficulties, I had to change my blog address.