Wednesday, August 31, 2011

10dpo...My Big Secret

I have a secret...does anyone know what dpo stands for? No? Well, maybe this picture can help shed some light on things.

That's right, Shane is going to be a big brother! And right now, he's the only one who knows! I told him first. He also was with me when I took the test because, well, I never get to potty alone.

I knew we wanted to get pregnant this month because I really didn't want to be pregnant during the summer--too hot! Since I've had irregular cycles since AF returned (14-36 days!) I bought an ovulation kit so I would have some idea of if/when I ovulate. I ovulated on day 21 (got the positive opk day 20).

Then, because I'm slightly obsessive, I started testing at 5dpo. (Dpo =days past ovulation.) Which, if you don't know, is WAY too early to get a positive! But at that point I'd been POAS (pee on a stick) all month so I was a little addicted. Plus, they are only a dollar at the dollar store ;).

I got negatives for several days, which I expected, but starting on Sunday (8dpo) I was exhausted.  And I thought I could smell better. But still, these could be symptoms of an impending period so I didn't want to get my hopes up. Then last night I dreamed in detail that I got a positive. I woke up assuring myself that I wasn't likely to get a positive today as it's still very early but, sure enough, there was a very faint second line! I was using a First Response Early Result  which, according to this website is the most sensitive test on the market.

I was so excited! But I wanted to be doubly sure so I tested on a digital. And it popped up PREGNANT. Woohoo! I had "prophetic" dreams last time I was pregnant too.

I'm so excited. All I could say was "thank you Jesus!" And I got an adrenaline rush that lasted all day. I haven't even gotten to tell Nathan yet since I don't see him on days I have class. I don't know when to tell him. It's a delicious secret! I did have to tell my teachers this afternoon, since in one class we use a lot of chemicals and another class is a lot of working out. I feel bad that they know before Nathan, but like I said I haven't even seen him yet today.

I have no symptoms yet other than feeling more tired and smelling well, which I would expect since I am only what, three weeks and three days pregnant?! You can't really find out much earlier than I did. I calculated my due date based on O date instead of last missed period (because of having such long cycles) and it looks like I'm due May 15, 2012. I'll have two kids under two for a half month!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sweet Kisses

Shane just did the sweetest thing. We were laying down having night time cuddles and nursies and he stopped, said "mum-mum?", and then reached up and pulled my face down and gave me two sweet kisses. My heart just melted!

Another sweet thing he does lately is give me a kiss, go to daddy and give him a kiss, and back and forth several times.

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weight Loss

I would like to announce...

I have lost 30 lbs! Well, it's actually 31.

This means that I am one pound below my pre pregnancy weight, which was where I wanted to be before I got pregnant again. So any weight I continue to lose now is just bonus weight!

And trust me, I need to continue to lose! I needed to lose about 100 lbs, so now I have about 70 left.

It's been six months since I looked down at the scale (and myself naked in that horrid full size mirror) and gasped in horror. Ugh. So grody. Still grody now, but slightly less.

I haven't gone on a diet. I've just made little changes gradually. I sometimes track what I eat with an app on my phone. I don't deprive myself--I eat junk food still. Just not daily. I try to make healthier choices, often. I eat small meals/snacks every few hours, whenever I feel hungry. When we were in Ohio I walked a lot, but I don't here. Too stinking hot! I probably will again in the fall.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Shane's First Tummy Bug

Sadly, Shane had his first tummy bug thursday. He woke up grumpy and refused breakfast, so I put him down very early for a nap. He slept for about an hour and when he woke up I went to cuddle with him. And then, he barfed. Everywhere. On me, on the bed, and on himself. Ugh, so smelly. So we jumped in the shower together and then washed the sheets.

Then, I put him in his highchair while I ate my lunch. Again, copious amounts of regurtitation. Another bath. Cuddles with me for a while, then wants down.

Wants down only to walk away from me to puke all over the carpet.

And again, while he's napping.

Friday he seemed better, although not 100%, but in the afternoon I started to feel sick and ended up throwing up several times through the evening and night. Today I am still feeling icky and this morning Nathan started to come down with the bug. We are a miserable family!

And can I also just say that while being sick is never fun, it is so much more miserable when you have a child to chase after and care for?!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Long Day

My niece, Alie, fell this morning and broke her femur. She was playing on her little kid chair and the seat is probably six inches at most from the ground. Apparently she just slipped as she got down and landed funny. Nobody is really sure how she broke it doing that but sometimes weird things happen. She is two and a half, so they had to knock her out to put the cast on, and it goes from her nipples down to her ankle on the broken leg and to just above the knee on the other leg. We spent the day at the hospital with the family and Shane was very good.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Flying Home

We flew home yesterday, and for the second leg of our trip we were upgraded to business class for FREE! Never in my life has this happened, and it was great. The seats were big, there was leg room, and I could even put the tray table down with Shane on my lap!

Shane was very good. He slept the first flight and played the second. He really enjoyed looking out the window on takeoff and landing  and putting the shades up and down.  The flight attendant made Shane a "sippy cup" which was so clever I had to take a picture.

Nathan met us at the airport and Shane was a little unsure of him at first (he was SO tired) but after his hour long nap on the way home daddy got on the floor to play and Shane warmed right up to him.

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

14 Months

At 14 months you still weigh 23 lbs but you have grown a lot and are slimming down. Your 18 months clothes are on the tight side now so you'll be going into 24 months when we get home.

You have quite the range of facial expressions, and as soon as the camera comes out you run through them.

You are in general happy and easygoing. You learned to say "no" quite clearly this month which doesn't thrill Mama.  You also learned to sign please and thank you, and you say "what's that" and "this" a lot.

We took a walk to the park to feed the ducks a few times while we were here and you even got to feed a canadian goose out of your hand. There are two swans at this park and one of them came up to you in your stroller which made you happy and me nervous! You sure love ducks though, "duck" is one of your favorite words.

You have learned to scream when you want something and display a little bit of temper every now and then. It blows over quickly though. 

We went to a kiddie water park on your 14 month day and you LOVED it.  You ran around and tried to catch water and just had a blast. After a while when you got cold you would stop and squat and shiver. Then you went right back to running around!  

Your incisors finally broke through this month which puts us at the eight front teeth that are all the way through, three molars about half way through, and four incisors just poking through. That's 15 teeth total. Wow, kiddo!

One of the things you love to do is to play in the water. I often put you in the sink when I'm trying to accomplish things in the kitchen and you sit and play happily for quite some time. If the sink is not available you like to sit on the counter as well. 

I love you lil man!