Monday, August 8, 2011

Flying Home

We flew home yesterday, and for the second leg of our trip we were upgraded to business class for FREE! Never in my life has this happened, and it was great. The seats were big, there was leg room, and I could even put the tray table down with Shane on my lap!

Shane was very good. He slept the first flight and played the second. He really enjoyed looking out the window on takeoff and landing  and putting the shades up and down.  The flight attendant made Shane a "sippy cup" which was so clever I had to take a picture.

Nathan met us at the airport and Shane was a little unsure of him at first (he was SO tired) but after his hour long nap on the way home daddy got on the floor to play and Shane warmed right up to him.

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A. Kay Daniel said...

I love your pics and updates, Alesha! Shane's adorable. Wish we could have spent more time with you while you were "in the area." So when's your next trip north? ;)