Thursday, August 4, 2011

14 Months

At 14 months you still weigh 23 lbs but you have grown a lot and are slimming down. Your 18 months clothes are on the tight side now so you'll be going into 24 months when we get home.

You have quite the range of facial expressions, and as soon as the camera comes out you run through them.

You are in general happy and easygoing. You learned to say "no" quite clearly this month which doesn't thrill Mama.  You also learned to sign please and thank you, and you say "what's that" and "this" a lot.

We took a walk to the park to feed the ducks a few times while we were here and you even got to feed a canadian goose out of your hand. There are two swans at this park and one of them came up to you in your stroller which made you happy and me nervous! You sure love ducks though, "duck" is one of your favorite words.

You have learned to scream when you want something and display a little bit of temper every now and then. It blows over quickly though. 

We went to a kiddie water park on your 14 month day and you LOVED it.  You ran around and tried to catch water and just had a blast. After a while when you got cold you would stop and squat and shiver. Then you went right back to running around!  

Your incisors finally broke through this month which puts us at the eight front teeth that are all the way through, three molars about half way through, and four incisors just poking through. That's 15 teeth total. Wow, kiddo!

One of the things you love to do is to play in the water. I often put you in the sink when I'm trying to accomplish things in the kitchen and you sit and play happily for quite some time. If the sink is not available you like to sit on the counter as well. 

I love you lil man!

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