Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Shane has flown three times now. The first time he was 2 months and three days, and flew from Ohio to Atlanta to DFW. The second time he was three months and three ish weeks, and flew from DFW to Dayton. The third time he was four months and 13 days, and flew from Dayton to DFW. After his first flight, when I realized that the kid was going to be doing a lot of flying, I found and ordered a Flight Passenger Logbook online. I wish I’d had one when I started flying! It’s really neat; it has places for all of the flight and plane information as well as a running total of miles and hours flown.

Our flight from DFW to DAY for Erika’s wedding was the first flight with the logbook and, as I providentially happened to be sitting next to a flight attendant on the terminal tram, I asked her advice about having the captain sign the book. She said that most captains are happy to see such interest in flying and suggested that I also ask for a picture with the captain on every flight. What a grand idea!

This is us in the DFW airport, waiting for our flight. I love my Moby Wrap! I use the thing all the time—seriously, one of my favorite baby purchases. I didn’t have to try to cart a stroller and carseat around the airport, and people are a lot less likely to reach out and grab him when he’s right up against me. A lovely british woman took this picture for me, even though she was in the middle of her sandwich!

This is the captain of our first flight. He just loved Shaney and was more than happy to hold him, although he said he had no kids or grandkids. He did a good job! The staff of the flight was awesome as well. They moved me to a row of empty seats, and loved on Shane the whole trip. They even gave him a certificate for flying!

This is the captain of our second flight. He was a little more gruff, but still happy to be asked for a picture with the baby.

I grew up flying and loving it and even planned to become a pilot. I think I inherited the love of flying from my Uncle Dean, who is my favorite pilot in the whole world. I love the whole flying experience, big planes and small. I enjoy watching people in the airport, and talking to them on the flight. The people you meet and the stories you hear are so interesting! And then there are the characters; one time when I was on a flight and we were stuck on the ground waiting for weather to pass I had a guy ask me if I wanted to share a hotel room and join him at the bar if we had to stay overnight. All because my lotion smelled good! Seriously. I’ve flown giving people fake names and using all different accents, just for the fun of it. Flying is s a rich and varied experience that I can’t wait to share with Shane throughout his life. I hope to impart in him the same love of flying and interest in watching and learning about people.

 Sleeping on the airplane on the way to Ohio.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


My child. Has teeth. He got his two bottom teeth in two days before he turned 4 months. Wow. Just wow.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Pushups and Rolling

I can’t believe this child of mine. He’s had the ability to roll for a while, mostly tummy to side. He didn’t do it often. But within the last two weeks he learned to roll from back all the way to tummy and (sometimes) back to his back. And once he figured it out he started doing it All. The. Time. He used to hate tummy time. Now he rolls to his tummy and stays there. He’s also been pushing all the way up on his little fists. It’s so cute! I put him on his back, he rolls over immediately, pushes up, and stares at me all like, “hey mom, look how cool I am!” Then he kicks and squirms around all 360 degrees so he can look around the room. It’s absolutely precious. Sorry, I don’t have a picture. I’ll try to get one!

And in other news, we have a tooth starting to break through! Way too early for that biz.