Friday, October 1, 2010

Pushups and Rolling

I can’t believe this child of mine. He’s had the ability to roll for a while, mostly tummy to side. He didn’t do it often. But within the last two weeks he learned to roll from back all the way to tummy and (sometimes) back to his back. And once he figured it out he started doing it All. The. Time. He used to hate tummy time. Now he rolls to his tummy and stays there. He’s also been pushing all the way up on his little fists. It’s so cute! I put him on his back, he rolls over immediately, pushes up, and stares at me all like, “hey mom, look how cool I am!” Then he kicks and squirms around all 360 degrees so he can look around the room. It’s absolutely precious. Sorry, I don’t have a picture. I’ll try to get one!

And in other news, we have a tooth starting to break through! Way too early for that biz.

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