Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Cleaning

I worked on my Fall Cleaning two weekends ago. (The 18th and 19th.) Fall Cleaning is capitalized because I want everyone to understand the full import of these words! I wanted to get at least the bulk of it done before I returned to work full time, which was Monday the 20th. I spent the better part of Saturday and Sunday cleaning, and I do mean CLEANING! It’s more challenging now with a baby, but at least I now I have a reason to sit on the couch for ten minutes! Anyway, the house looks good and I don’t have to do such a deep cleaning again until Spring. Shane is such a lovey—he played and napped nicely for me. I’m sure things will be more difficult when he becomes mobile!

My to do lists, because I know my mom and Aunt Nancy will at least appreciate them. (I think I only have, what, five readers? But who cares! It’s a record for Shaney!)
Boogie helping Mama clean the fridge. We’re being guarded by our fierce protector cat, Marcus. Shane is holding the clean rag for Mama and chewing on his teether as well. Multitasking already, what a talented dude!

I had another to do list of things I have to get done before I leave for Ohio. I realize that I sound a little, erm, obsessive maybe, but you have to understand that I come from a proud history of list makers. You should see my mother make lists, if you think I'm bad!

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Hannatu said...

Ha! Ha! Well, how are you going to get everything done if you don't make lists. Actually, John makes more lists than I do.

Can't wait to see you!!!!