Monday, September 13, 2010

3 Months

He was talking to me here

I can’t believe my baby is already three months old! He has reached and is beyond his three month developmental milestones so there are no worries there. At three months he:
  • Weighs 14.3 lbs and is 25 inches tall.
  • Reaches for and grabs toys. He loves his play gym.
  • Has figured out that when he pulls the toy it sings.
  • Loves showers with Mama
  • Smiles and laughs (until I pull out the camera—then he stares)
  • Talks and talks and talks and loves it when you speak his language!
  • Thinks it’s funny (laughs) when: I tickle him with my hair, blow raspberries on his tummy or the bottom of his feet, say “a-TCHOO!” and wiggle my eyebrows, among other things.
  • Loves to be in his Moby
  • Loves walks outside
  • Looks very much like his dad and has many expressions that look like they came right off his daddy’s face. He makes one face that is especially cute that I call his “ladykiller”. Just wait til his Grandma sees it!
  • Is drooling and gumming EVERYTHING, and has been since two ½ months. I think he’s teething, and Pedi confirmed saying some babies just start teething early. He likes to chew his hands and anything else he can get in his mouth. 
  • Continues to be a very “easy” baby. He typically only fusses when he’s tired, dirty, or hungry, and I usually catch those things from other cues before he gets to the fussing.
  • He is good at playing by himself for short periods of time in his gym or bumbo or swing while I do chores—he just likes to be close enough to see me and hear me talk to him. He does really like to have someone close though, or play on someone’s lap. And of course I hold him every moment that I can!
  • "Helping" Mama fold clothes
  • Just recently “found” his feet.
  • Rolls back to belly, and belly to side.
  • Sits up in his bumbo and really likes it. He is Mr. Independent—he either wants to be sitting up, standing, or vigorously kicking and squirming and rolling and building those muscles. It’s all I can do to get a cuddle while he’s nursing.
  • Standing up
  • Wears size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes. He has to wear 6-9 months jammies though. He’s really long.
  • Still exclusively breastfed. This relationship is especially precious to me now as I have gone back to work and miss him terribly during the day. I pump, which is not enjoyable but it is worthwhile. It’s also a good time to try to learn memory verses!
  • Still sleeps in his cradle in our room but will have to move soon unless I can figure out a way to keep the cradle from rocking. With all the rolling he is doing I don’t want to see him injured. I hate to move him to his room though, because it’s so easy to just grab him and lie back down to sleep while he’s nursing, then put him back. One of the many BFing benefits. I’d hate to have to wake up and stay up long enough to make a bottle, warm it, and give him the whole thing.
  • Goes to bed about eight every night, and gets up around 9.
  • Sleep: He was going down at eight and sleeping for 7 or eight hours, then waking up every 2-4 hours after. The last few days have not been fun, however, as he is waking up about 4-5 hours in and then every hour or two after that. Hopefully it is just a stage, although disrupted sleep patterns are a classic sign of teething. Actually, last night I was so tired that I just let him sleep next to me from about 2am onward. Don’t judge me.
Shane and Daddy in church

I know there are probably more things but this is all I can think of for now. Nathan says Shane has me wrapped around his little finger and it’s probably true. He is just the light of my life and my little joy-bringer! I love him immensely and “consider it all joy” to care for him. It breaks my heart to be leaving him for work. It’s probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Next month we will be flying back to Ohio for my sister's wedding. I'm so excited!!

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Hannatu said...

You're a good mom. So don't let anybody judge you. Anybody who hasn't kept baby in bed with them....well, they've missed out on something, namely a good night's sleep!