Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Baptism in the lake

I’ve never been to a baptism here in Texas, but if you’ve heard the saying “Everything’s bigger in Texas”, well, in this case it’s true! Our church had a baptism on Sunday the 12th and Shane and I went. The baptism was down at the lake, with a sandwich supper before. I have never seen so many people get baptized at once! I think there were around 20, maybe more.  Pastor Corey I think had just said to show up if you want to be baptized and he didn’t care if they were from our church.  I sincerely hope that these people understood why they were being baptized! Anyway, it was Shane’s first baptism.

This was that morning, in church. This little girl was SO taken with Shane. I mean, she loved him! It was her first time at church and she was there with her Grammy, who told me that she desperately wants a little brother. Apparently she has a baby and she practices feeding and diapering on it so she can help if or when she has a little brother. She held Shane (You can see Miss Anna’s arm supervising) and then when Anna took him back she kept wiping Shane’s drool with his cloth, shaking his rattle, and talking to him. She even wanted to change his diaper! (which was clean, lol). This precious one is only 2.

And here are a few random pictures of Shane. I finally, finally got a picture of him laughing!

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Dusty Penguin said...

He is just too cute for words! I can't wait to see him again. I wonder if he'll remember me. I doubt it.