Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Third Time is the Charm

Guess what?

Time to dust off the old blog for the third time around!

This time we had to try for what seemed like quite a while--five cycles. That's not a long time compared to some, but considering that Shane was a surprise and Azaria was the first try, I kind of expected it to happen sooner! No matter though.

I told Nathan really romantically this time. I put the test in my pocket, went out to where he was sitting on the couch, and told him I had a surprise for him in my pocket. As soon as he felt my pocket he knew what it was! That evening as a treat to celebrate we all went to dinner at Applebees, then stopped at A.C. Moore to get little T-shirts and iron ons for the kids to make them big brother/sister T-shirts. 

The weekend after we found out I went to a wedding of an old friend. My parents and my sis and her husband we meeting us there, and I was riding up with my brother and his wife. Then after the wedding the whole family was coming back to my brother's to spend the weekend. So the morning we got back to my brothers, I put the kids into their new T-shirts to break the news to my parents. It was so cute! 

Once we got back to Virginia, we Skyped Nathan's family to tell them as well.  The next week, we worked on a cute announcement for Valentines Day. Except, as is commonly a problem for me, I was a day late! I have to be honest, most of the reason I was a day late was because I was too lazy to get dressed up and put on makeup for nothing but pictures. Its a problem. Anyway, this was my finished result.

And, because I think my kids are super cute, here are a few outtakes.

Apparently Azaria was less than thrilled about becoming a big sister, and needed a little mid-photo shoot reassurance from Uncle.

A few leftover crocodile tears...

...and then smiles again!