Monday, August 30, 2010

2 Month Shots

I didn’t post when Shane turned two months so here are the pictures I took. My camera batteries were dead so I had to take these on my cell phone and all of the ones where he was smiling turned out blurry. He was kind of over the picture taking by the time I got this one! Poor kid, always being hounded by the momma paparazzi.
Shane had his two month appointment last week (at two and a half months) and he got his first shots. He is 25 inches (97th percentile) and weighs 14.3 lbs (95th percentile). The Pedi said he has some of the best reflexes he has seen, and is a little ahead of himself in reaching developmental milestones. Everyone at the office commented on how long he is! I’ll save the rest of my bragging until his 3 month post later on.
We left the office to find that my car wouldn’t start. My MIL came and picked us up and took us home, and later that evening BIL called and offered to help tow the car. This kind offer resulted in several hours of driving all over the metroplex to get truck, trailer, load car, and return home. I was relieved as the Dr. office is in a bad area of town, and I wasn’t sure the car would still be there in the morning. Shane and I spent that night and the next (Tues and Weds night) at BIL and SIL’s house. Nathan came home Wednesday morning and napped for a few hours, then worked on the car that evening and the Thursday morning. We ended up needing a new fuel pump, filter, and fuse relay. Now we’re up and running again. He had to leave again on Thursday afternoon. Poor guy.

On Friday we went back to Plano to see the Coulters, and Dave got in that afternoon. Saturday I met them at the Fort Worth Stockyards and we did the tourist thing. Then I went back to their hotel to spend a little more time with them.

Uncle Pete, Uncle Tim, Uncle Dave
Sunday I stayed home, other than church, and Shane and I sweated all day. It was 87 degrees in our house! I am really tired of the continual problems with our AC and I wish the landlord would do something. This morning I woke up to find the unit frozen up. Erg! At least it's cool at work, and wee man is in a cool house too since he's with his Grammy.


Hannatu said...

I'm SO happy you're back to blogging! :)

Always an Adventure said...

My girl seems to be the same age as your boy. Such fun times. I found your page through Lutz Family blog...