Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weight Loss

I would like to announce...

I have lost 30 lbs! Well, it's actually 31.

This means that I am one pound below my pre pregnancy weight, which was where I wanted to be before I got pregnant again. So any weight I continue to lose now is just bonus weight!

And trust me, I need to continue to lose! I needed to lose about 100 lbs, so now I have about 70 left.

It's been six months since I looked down at the scale (and myself naked in that horrid full size mirror) and gasped in horror. Ugh. So grody. Still grody now, but slightly less.

I haven't gone on a diet. I've just made little changes gradually. I sometimes track what I eat with an app on my phone. I don't deprive myself--I eat junk food still. Just not daily. I try to make healthier choices, often. I eat small meals/snacks every few hours, whenever I feel hungry. When we were in Ohio I walked a lot, but I don't here. Too stinking hot! I probably will again in the fall.

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Hannatu said...

Good for you! I'm proud of you and your mom. :)

A. Kay Daniel said...

YAY for you!!! :) Keep it up! -- No, Keep it down. Keep it off?

First we'd better decide what "it" is...

KEEP UP the good work!
KEEP GOING DOWN on the scales!
KEEP the weight coming OFF!

You're such a keeper. I love your postings! :)