Saturday, August 20, 2011

Shane's First Tummy Bug

Sadly, Shane had his first tummy bug thursday. He woke up grumpy and refused breakfast, so I put him down very early for a nap. He slept for about an hour and when he woke up I went to cuddle with him. And then, he barfed. Everywhere. On me, on the bed, and on himself. Ugh, so smelly. So we jumped in the shower together and then washed the sheets.

Then, I put him in his highchair while I ate my lunch. Again, copious amounts of regurtitation. Another bath. Cuddles with me for a while, then wants down.

Wants down only to walk away from me to puke all over the carpet.

And again, while he's napping.

Friday he seemed better, although not 100%, but in the afternoon I started to feel sick and ended up throwing up several times through the evening and night. Today I am still feeling icky and this morning Nathan started to come down with the bug. We are a miserable family!

And can I also just say that while being sick is never fun, it is so much more miserable when you have a child to chase after and care for?!

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Anonymous said...

Hope yall all get better soon! The tummy bug is no fun at all.