Sunday, July 31, 2011


Check out my super hot (make that hott!) mom! She's lost a LOT of weight (26ish pounds on a 5 foot body) and has gone down two clothes sizes. I am so proud of you Mom! I know you want to lose more but I am proud of you for loosing this first half and I think you look INCREDIBLE!! Thanks for setting a good example.

In honor of so much weight gone, we went through mom's closet and donated everything that was hanging off her. Then we went SHOPPING!! And got her some nice flattering clothes to last till next summer, when we'll have to do it again. 

Because no post is complete without a picture of Shane, below is a picture of him "helping" us pick out clothes in the dressing room. Or maybe he was picking up stickers off the floor under the bench. I'll let you decide.  

And since I'm talking about Shane, I have to tell you some stories I want to remember from today.  As we walked into Target today Shane saw his shadow in the parking lot and stopped to try to grab it. Then he was trying to pick the shadow of his finger off the ground with his finger and thumb. It was hilarious.

While in Target I was carrying him on my shoulders when I felt something wet on my neck. Thinking maybe his diaper had leaked I put my hand up to feel and pulled it away covered in purple puke. Bright purple I-ate-beets-last puke. In my hair and on my shirt and his WHITE clothes. Mom and I looked at each other and cracked up. Poor kid. He's only thrown up like three times in his entire life, including when he was a newborn.

Then on the way home he was pinching his nose shut and making different sounds and laughing at himself. Too funny, I tell you!

In other big news, my grandparent bought a house here in Ohio! Praise the Lord that's out of the way! God put the grease on it--they bid on it one morning, got a counter offer and had their counter counter offer accepted the next day. Wow.  I don't have many details on the move yet but eventually they'll be moving up here from Florida and my mom and dad will be moving in as well. This way they can all help take care of each other. Isn't God great!


Hannatu said...

I agree....your momma is looking great!

A. Kay Daniel said...

Looking good, Natery!

And thanks for the family news update, Lesha. We saw a photo on your dad's fb page and wondered what was up. Glad to know things are working out nicely. :)