Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lake trip

We took Shane to the lake for the second time today. The first time we took him was last summer when I visited and he enjoyed it, but was only three or four months old. He really seemed to enjoy it this trip though!

"I'll help you put the umbrella up, Mama!"
"I'll help blow the float up, Mama!"
 "I'll help put the sunscreen on, Mama!"
 "Nevermind, I'm'a gonna go 'splore the sand, Mama!"
 "Can we PLEEEEEEASE go in the water now?" (There are no pictures of us in the water because my camera isn't waterproof. But after the first few moments when he was nervous he really enjoyed it. We actually thought he might fall asleep in the water, that's how relaxed he was.

We have to go back soon!

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