Monday, June 27, 2011

New York Trip

This weekend we went to New York for Heather's bridal shower.  Mom and I stayed with the Coulters on Thursday and Friday night, and with the Gilmans (my aunt and uncle) on Saturday night. We headed home after the shower on Sunday afternoon.

Learning to high five from Aunt Bethie, who also gave him two, TWO of his very own cell phones. :-D
 Squealing and laughing and having a grand time chasing Grandad's dog.
 Chilling out with Grandad.
 Refusing coffee from Grandpa.
 Wanting to chase Grandma's cat.
 Riding with Dillon.
 Meeting a very dear friend for you M!

 Riding a horse for the first time at Aunt Alesia's, which is the first place I rode a horse as well. I rode Taffy when I was wee, and Shane is riding Troy here.
 "Helping" Aunt Heather at her bridal shower the church put on for her.

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