Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy First Birthday, Shane!

There was a family wedding on Shane's birthday so we celebrated on Sunday, the day after, instead. We had his birthday party at a park on a day that turned out to be 102 degrees! Thank you, Melissa, for taking such lovely pictures.

I made cupcakes for Shane. Chocolate and vanilla, with cream cheese filling and whipped cream frosting. The chocolate were awesome, and the vanilla were dry and heavy. That's what I get for trying a new recipe!
 I asked Nathan to put the letters on Shane's banner, so he used some creative license and wrote "Happy 1st Birfday Shane!" You should be able to click on the picture to see it bigger to see the letters.
 Shane LOVES water.
 It was very hot. And Shane was very, very tired. Poor sweet boy.
 I made Shane a birthday onesie to match the party decorations.
 We skyped a little bit with Grammy Wilkins in Ohio so she could see Shane's first bite of cake and a present or two.

 "What IS this, Mama? I'm not too sure about it." Poke, poke.
 Not too bad, once you try it.
 Daddy's goatee is quite overgrown. Don't worry, he didn't help with the cupcakes! 
 He liked it. ;)

 We were really blessed--so many family and friends showed up! Despite the heat, it was great to celebrate with so many loved ones.
 Grammy Vines did the cooking (burgers and dogs) and then helped Shane open his presents. She was SO hot--what a trooper!

Happy first birthday, kiddo!

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