Saturday, June 4, 2011

12 Months

You're a whole year old, baby boy! We made it!

At 12 months, Shane:
  • Wears 18 month clothing, and size three shoes. 
  • Wears his diapers on the medium snap.
  • Weighs 23 pounds and is 29 and 3/4 inch tall. I think that was 75th percentile, which is down from the 95th when he was born.
  • Is working really hard on all of his sounds. He likes to sing and dance, and try to talk. He does a lot of babbling but there aren't a whole lot of real words yet.  
  • Thankfully, he started sleeping again. I was getting worried this past week! Two naps, down at 8 or 8:30 and up about 8:30.
  • Repeats "I love you" when you say it to him.
  • Walks pretty well. He can even bend over and pick things up and stand up again without falling over every time.
This is a video of Shane from this morning when he got up. He's a birthday boy with crazy hair!

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