Saturday, June 11, 2011

Xadim Gay

Shane got an African name!

This weekend we went to a street festival in "hippie-town" as we like to call it.  As we walked past a booth we saw several things that looked like they belonged in West Africa, so we stopped to talk to the woman selling. It turned out that she was from Senegal (which borders The Gambia, where I grew up) and she spoke Wolof.  We spoke with her for quite some time, and as we left she said she wanted to gift Shane. (It is very traditional in our culture to give gifts.) Well of course, I was thrilled.

As we left, my Mom asked if she would be willing to give Shane an African name. And she did. His name is Xadim Gay.  I know it's probably hard to understand for those of you who didn't grow up overseas, but this was very special to me. I'm so excited for my little boy! Here is the lovely lady. I wish I could remember her name. 

 Then we finished off our day in Hippieville by watching belly dancers in the park. I want lessons!

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