Thursday, June 9, 2011

Going to Ohio

We made it safely to Ohio! We flew from DFW to ATL, then from ATL to DAY. Mom and Miah picked us up at the airport. Of course we had to show off Shane's new walking skills for Gramma, but I guess his inner ear was a little messed up from the flight because he was walking like he just got off a boat, staggering and zig-zagging and falling. Super cute! He also said his version of "I love you."

At the airport waiting to board.

 Yes, I know that it's best for babies to stay rear-facing until they are two. And in my car, he will. But unfortunately this car seat doesn't do rear facing and it IS legal now to have him forward facing so that's the way it is. Miah found Shane a really nice car seat with lots of neat safety features and it's also the kind of carseat that grows with the baby (up to 100 lbs!) so this should work for a long time and many grandkids.

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