Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Columbus Zoo

This weekend Nate and Erika took Mom, Shane and I to the Columbus Zoo. It'a a great zoo, much bigger than ours! We had a lot of fun.

After much applying of sunscreen: "Can we GO ALREADY?!"
 My sister Erika and her husband Nate. Yes, she also married a Nathan. I had mine first.
 Checking out the baby flamingos.
 This was Shane's favorite for the day. A diver was feeding the fish and Mom was able to get Shane a spot right against the glass. He was thrilled!

 Both Mom and I actually got the Lorikeets to get up on our arms. Shane wanted to feed them too, but I didn't want him to get bitten.
 After the zoo we went to this restaurant called The Pub. They serve authentic Brit food, so yummy! Check out these chairs they imported from England--the waitress said they cost about 2200 each!  The server here was really cool. She has a 3 yr old and a one year old so she got along with Shane brilliantly. When he was signing she understood what he was saying because she used sign language with her kids too! 

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