Monday, July 4, 2011

13 Months

You are at such a fun age, Shane. You are such a character, and very expressive in your face! We all really enjoy watching you, and you love to entertain us.

You point at everything, and tell us about it very conversationally.

You sign for nursies, more, water, food, please, and all done. We’re working on thank you.

You like most food, as long as you’re hungry. Meat seems to be a little difficult texture for you now and fruit is certainly your favorite!

You say dog, duck, bird, mom, mama, dad, dada, hi, bye, down, and some version of:  up (mup), all done, and grandma (momomom) and grandpa (abopbop). You are also imitating a lot. You imitate when we say I love you and diaper among other things.  I’ve also heard you quack at a picture of a duck, meow, woof, and click your tongue at the horse picture, which is what grandma taught you to do to get the horse to come to the fence last weekend.

You do a lot of imitation for other things too; facial expressions, hand movements, silly games.

You are crazy expressive in your face:
This is bashful
This is a funny one you do and you also curl up your top lip at the same time and make snuffle noises. You also have a real scowl when you're angry.
 And this is telling me a sermon. GGrandpa Hall says you are going to be a preacher some day. You can also see in this picture that Shane has huge hands.

You love to chase and be chased, and have an especially fun time playing with Uncle Jer and Grappa Du. You love to be played with but you are also very good at playing by yourself. You also love to climb on everything and anything.

You’ve learned to stack all your stacking rings and can get a few shapes into the shape sorter. You give high fives, kisses, and do “so big”!

You are generally easygoing but do have your little moments of anger, usually because something got taken away from you or you have been ignored too long, during which you scowl and occasionally bite. Mommy knows it's hard to be frustrated and unable to express it so I am trying to teach you to clap instead of bite. 

You have always enjoyed books but lately you actually pull specific ones, bring them to us, and want to sit on our lap to look at them. You also have more patience with actually reading them rather than just turning pages or chewing on them.

Your favorite toy this month is a little people airplane with a nose that opens and closes. You spend a lot of time opening and closing the nose and hiding things inside. When you go to bed sometimes I hide things there for you to find in the morning!

You seem to have gone to one nap, and you sleep one to two hours. I don’t feel like it’s enough because you seem tired so I’ve been trying to get you to bed earlier. It hasn’t worked well.  I think we’re back in the stage we were in before your  first birthday but not quite as bad. I think it might have to do with your molars, because you’ve got two broken through (top left and bottom right) with two more about to break through. At the same time you're teething all four molars you are also teething all four incisors; I can see the points just about to break through. We just can't catch a break little man! We got you a Baltic amber necklace last month and it really seems to help you.

I love you, my little joy-bringer!

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Happy 13 months!