Friday, July 15, 2011

Trying for a second baby

I'm very excited--we're going to start trying for Baby #2 when I get home! Well, we actually stopped using protection when Shane turned a year, but I haven't been home really since then. I'm very excited to be pregnant again and to give my little man a sibling. My ideal would be to get pregnant as soon as I get home so that I don't have to be pregnant for much of the summer but obviously that's up to God. (you could put in a good word for me if you wanted while you're praying ;) I figure He blessed us unexpectedly with Shane so he knows the perfect timing for #2 as well.

I actually thought that I might be pregnant in June, I even took a couple tests but they all came up negative and I eventually got my period at 32 days, which is very long for me. I was disappointed, but I really didn't "feel" pregnant so I wasn't surprised. Before I got pregnant with Shane I could set a clock by my cycle. 27 (or was it 28, I can't remember now) days and even about the same time of day, good ole Aunt Flo would show up. Then after Shane was born I didn't see her return until about eight months and since then she hasn't visited regularly. I've gone as little as 14 days and now as much as 32 days! So I don't know how easy it will be to get pregnant again. But, I'll be happy when it does!

One thing I know for sure is that I don't want to get so excited about a second pregnancy that it pushes Shane aside. I don't want to be just focused on the future happiness of a positive pregnancy test, I want to focus on my current happiness with the child I have. I loved being preggers (99% of the time anyway lol) so of course I'm eager to do it again but I never want my desire to trump my reality, if that makes sense. Because my reality includes a darling, joyful, entertaining little urchin that I love immeasurably! I want to stay focused on the here and now, and not the future.

So come on, baby #2; I'll be patient until whenever God blesses us with you. Your mommy loves you already!


Hannatu said...

The cool thing about love is that you don't have a set amount that you have to divide. Instead it multiplies and there is always enough for everybody in the family! Somebody told me that once and I've found it to be true. Now time....that's another story.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with #2! Cant wait for you to announce it:)

Mommy Becoming said...

Me too! Wouldn't it be funny if we ended up due at the same time again? :P

daddy becoming said...

What about me come on I'm the daddy