Saturday, July 9, 2011

First boat ride

One of the professors Mom used to work for invited us out on his boat! Everyone else was busy with this or that so it ended up just being Mom and Shane and I.

I couldn't believe they had such a small life jacket. Poor Shane, it was like a backboard--he couldn't move at all!
Me before I started getting crazy on the tube. My arms are so sore! They whipped me around and I held on too tightly. It was super fun though!
 Mom, going less crazy but still having fun.
 Shane was SO chilled out. He really seemed to enjoy himself.
After we had fun on the boat we went swimming in the lake. It was lovely. And little fish kept nibbling on my toes!

I'll always remember warmth, a breeze, laughter and happiness, sunshine and cool water.


Hannatu said...

Fun! He's so cute in his life jacket!

daddy becoming said...

That's my boy