Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Tomorrow we are moving!! I am so very excited and happy. We have been living for the past several months with Nathan’s sister and her husband. (We have not been mooching. We have always paid at least half of everything.) This is because we had decided at the beginning of the year to buy a house, and when we talked to a mortgage broker he told us we need to do credit repair on Nathan for 6 months. The lease on our rental house was up, and since Nathan’s sister was about to have a baby and needed financial help, it was decided that we’d live in their spare room and it would benefit both of us. Unfortunately, at the end of the sixth month period, we were 10, count them 10, points short of the desired credit score. “Wait another 3 months,” the mortgage broker said. “Let’s rent a place for a while,” I said. We decided to wait and stayed there for another three months. Then we had the credit checked again and we were 1 measly point under. At that point (mid-November) we decided to look for a place to rent . The living situation there had been becoming more and more difficult, and it truly was a “need” to find a rental house. The difficulty in finding a rental was that it had to be pet-friendly (We have a Basset hound and 2 cats), it had to have either a garage or a locking shed for Nathan’s motorcycle, and it had to be under a certain price.

As God does, he provided us with a place that meets all of those needs! We found a small brick home on the outskirts of town that has a one car garage (but is big enough for my car and Nathan’s motorcycle), is pet friendly, and has three bedrooms! Now, granted, they are small rooms but it is quite sufficient for us! We have a room for us, a room for baby, and a room for all of you who I know will want to come see us and our new little addition to the family! AND it is for a very low price, less than we were paying for the one bedroom house we lived in when we got married. We are moving in on Saturday. Unfortunately, on Monday night (or was it Tuesday?) Nathan got called to work to go to Arizona. We really need the money, so he had to go, which left it up to me to do the packing and figure out the move. For the THIRD TIME!!! I think he plans to go out of town whenever we have to move. So I have spent the past several days packing and trying not to pick up anything too heavy. Melissa is coming to stay with me tonight to help me finish up packing (or to sit around and look pretty depending on her level of pain—she just got a nasty tooth pulled!) and our pastor and his dad (and possibly other men) are coming Saturday morning with their trucks to help us move. Praise God for church family and for all of His provisions!

Here are a few prayer requests:
1) We need a fridge. For free. Please pray someone will be generous. I am really trusting God for this one, cause I’m out of pennies.
2) Please pray that many men with trucks will show up Saturday morning to move us
3) Please pray for my hips. I’ve had trouble with them hurting almost since I got pregnant, and all of the packing and carrying and overdoing it has left it extremely painful for me to walk.
4) We also need furniture (we have a bed!) and a washer and dryer. Obviously we can do craigslist or goodwill or garage sales, and I certainly intend to, but if you could pray that people could give us things that would be such a blessing. They don’t need to be new. A coat of paint is cheap and will work wonders.

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