Thursday, March 3, 2011


This child, this sweet little boy. My heart overflows with love.
Lately we've been calling him our little puppy. He likes to pick up his toys/our clothes/books/phone covers/etc in his mouth and carry them with him while he craws.
He likes to crawl to the end of the hall when the doors are all closed and sit and babble and yell because his voice sounds deep and echoey down there. It's hilarious.
He likes to follow me back and forth from the living room to kitchen, and when I stop at the sink or counter he will pull up on my legs and try to walk with me.

He clings like a little monkey when you hold him on your hip, so sweet.

He loves fruit. (He's helping me eat an apple here.)
He tries to dance to peppy music.

He's trying to climb on things.

He's constantly in motion and almost impossible to photograph!

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Dusty Penguin said...

I love his sweet beautiful face and smile and remember when we had to try so hard to get a smile out of him! What a doll baby, I mean puppy:)