Saturday, May 12, 2012

39 weeks {4 Days}

Whoa, 39 weeks, nearly done and it's hard for me to believe. I know I've said it before, but time has really flown this pregnancy. Compared to a lot of people I have really easy pregnancies and that is such a blessing!

Last week I lost a lot of MP and started having my regular braxton hicks start earlier on the day. Then night before last I was up through the night "cleaning out" and had BH's regularly all day yesterday. I'm 85% effaced, +1 station, and 3 cm dilated at the external os as of my appointment Thursday. So who knows how close I am, but my body is definitely warming up for the big event.

I feel prepared as I can be. I spring cleaned my house and car this week, my mom flew in on Thursday, and Nathan got home yesterday. I've told Azaria for weeks that today would be a good day to start labor (as long as she waits until after Nathan and I have a date this afternoon). My mom votes for her birthday to be on Mother's Day. That would be pretty cool!

I am a little nervous about the birth but mostly excited. I'm so excited for my water birth! I'm excited that my husband and mom and son can all be there and participate as much as they want. The part I'm nervous about is knowing if I'm actually in labor, since I was induced last time.

I'm also dealing with what I'm sure are totally normal feelings about giving Shane a sibling. I feel sad/guilty, because he won't get my undivided attention anymore. He'll have to share snuggles and time and his mommy. I keep reminding myself that a sibling is a great gift.

Of course, my darling baby girl, we are all so very excited to meet you! Your big brother gives you kisses (and pokes too of course), and he just loves babies so I know he will love you. We have everything all ready for you so you just come when you feel like you are ready.

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Hannatu said...

It's ironic that I'm just now reading this AFTER the fact! You now are holding Azaria in your arms and she was, indeed, born on Mother's Day. How cool is that?!

The cool thing about love is that you don't have a set amount that you have to divide among everybody. Instead, it multiplies so you always have enough for everybody. Now, time and energy....that's another story!