Thursday, May 22, 2014

Weeks 18 and 19 {Halfway!}

18 Weeks

Here's the requisite (Ha! Neglected!) list of questions:
How far along: 18 weeks
Size of babies: 5.5 inches, head to rump, and about 7 ounces--the size of a green pepper!

Total Weight Gain: 10 pounds.  I hovered at 2-5 for the first tri, then gained a few quickly when the twins seemed to have a big growth spurt. I've not gained again since then. I don't think ten pounds is terrible for halfway through a twin pregnancy.

Stretch marks: No new ones. I can see mine starting to stretch back out though.
Maternity clothes: Always!
Gender: We haven't had it confirmed for certain yet, so you still have to wait to find out! ;P
Movement: Oh definitely! I love feeling their little pops and wiggles. 
Sleep: I don't have to get up to use the bathroom every night anymore (blessed 2nd trimester relief!) but I don't sleep very well either. My pillow is too flat, and my bed is too uncomfortable. Haha, how's that for complaining! I'm very grateful to get the amount of sleep I do, because I know it's going to be a lot less very soon!
What I miss: Not much yet, although my hips are terribly out of place so I guess I miss walking without pain or getting "stuck" on the floor because my pelvis moves out of place. I haven't been to the chiropractor yet but I need to get in sooner rather than later!
Food cravings and aversions: Nothing in particular. I'm really into cold watermelon. My best summer purchase this year was popsicle molds. I dice up watermelon really small, and then fill them the rest of the way with honest kids juice, which is super low in sugar. I also fill them with leftover breakfast smoothies. The kids are huge fans! I can think of about a million combinations, so I'm excited to have the whole hot summer to eat popsicles. No aversions, particularly.
Symptoms: Not much, other than a big belly! With Shane I had horrible heartburn. With both kids I was nauseous and felt gross all first tri. So far, this has been my easiest pregnancy symptom wise, with the exception of my poor messed up pelvis. I know that I'm carrying double so the end will be hardest, but no complaints so far!
Best moment this week: Home again after a long time away!
Worst moment this week: Azaria SCREAMED in the car most of the way from OH to D.C. Not like crying screaming, but this thing she does where she just screams for the fun of it. Frustration, Anger, Exhaustion, Hunger, Fun, Excited; you name it, she likes to scream for it. My poor dad will probably never go on a trip with us ever again!
What I'm looking forward to: Seeing the babies again next week.
Excercise this week: Is that a real thing? Haha. If it doesn't involve pushing a stroller behind a three year old on a bike, or pushing two kids on two swings, it probably doesn't involve me! Haha. I like to consider chasing my kids and doing housework excercise. Shh, don't break my heart with your truths.

On the weekend in between 18 and 19 weeks we took the kids down to the boardwalk to see the pirate festival! A couple pictures of these two were so cute I couldn't help but share, even thought it's a maternity post.

Shane was wearing the Jake and the Neverland Pirates shirt Miss Tara spoiled him with before she left. One of the activites at the pirate fest was a headscarf, beads included. And then Mommy and Daddy spoiled him a little with a wooden sword. I want to point out that we did NOT ask him to get into the stocks, he and Azaria just found this little child sized one and wanted their picture taken!

We might have taken them to the pirate festival, but their one true love is sand so after much begging and pirate watching we went down to the beach.

I mean, tell me these two are not the cutest things ever?! Ok, I know you think your own kids are so actually don't tell me. I'd rather live in my jaded ignorance.

19 Weeks

Mango babies? Only if a mango is 6 inches from head to bottom! I feel that my mangoes were smaller than my green peppers, but if they'd been African mangoes they would have been a proper size! I'm also relatively sure that my mangoes weighed more than my approximately 8.5 oz twinskies. In biggest news, 19 weeks is considered halfway in a twin pregnancy! Yay, halfway! 

This past Thursday I went and did my one hour glucose test. For the non-pregnant among you, it's where you go drink 50 mL of glucose, wait an hour, and they test your blood sugar. I don't love the test--it made my super dizzy and shaky and "high" feeling. But I did it, and it's done, and the most wonderful part is that I had to do it early because of my twin placentas and so I have to do it again in eight or so more weeks. I also had a checkup, and the twins look fine. Or they both have heartbeats, which is apparently the same thing in pre-anatomy scan lingo.

Friday the kids and I went to visit the preschool Shane will be attending in the fall. The public school system here only does full time preschool on a needs basis, and I feel that full time is too much for a four year old. I really wanted him to go to a Christian school anyway, and so I was thrilled to find a church-based preschool under five minutes from our house. It's not going to be the easiest thing to drag four kids out of the house twice a day, but it will be so perfect for my social little man and I know he will thrive with the attention mommy might not have the ability to give him once the new babies come.

Next was yet another frustrating WIC appointment, in which I took out both kids at naptime, my proof of income was STILL not sufficient, and at which Azaria decided screaming loudly at any child that came near her or her brother would be a great way to act. Ugh. Back again next week, lets hope we can get it right next time.

Finally, I got a call from the nurse that told me I was "too sweet". As in, I failed my glucose test by three points and now I get to go back for the three hour glucose test. Sigh. As I thought about it, I realized I pretty much did it to myself. See, the nurse told me I could eat beforehand but only protein. Well, I don't really eat meat often but I thought maybe I should this time, so I grabbed some lunch meat from the commissary. I didn't think about it being honey smoked ham. High sugar protein! Then, as usual when I have to leave the house with the kids, I was in a rush and didn't get a chance to eat until after I dropped them off at my friend's house. So basically I ate a sugary food directly before I drank a sugary drink. Let's just chalk it up to a pregnancy brain mistake and stupidity! Anyway, three hour test here I come. Super-sarcastic-sounding yaaaaay.

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Mommy Becoming said...

Jen Gilman These are the best!!! Love them!!
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Emma Hardee Cox Still so beautiful! You do not look like you're having twins!
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Donna Phillips You are so beautiful.
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Amy Koch You look great!!
May 28 at 11:48pm · Unlike · 2

Alesha Vines Aw thanks you guys! You're so sweet. Maybe I need to carry the bathroom lighting with me everywhere I go!
May 29 at 8:33am · Like

Leah Damon LOVE reading your updates Alesha!!
May 29 at 9:44am · Unlike · 1

Suzanne Hines Alesha, you are one of those people who looks even MORE beautiful during pregnancy! The rest of us look huge or exhausted or at the very best 'cute', but you look absolutely gorgeous! And I'm so impressed that you are carrying two, while dealing with two on the outside! Also, poops about the glucose test...maybe you could give some points to me, since my doctor/nurse was worried about how low mine was?
May 29 at 10:19am · Unlike · 1

Natalie Wilkins You look wonderful! I love, love, love all the pics and so glad you included the other two. Makes me wish I were there! Shane is the cutest pirate ever.
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Natalie Wilkins Oh, GET TO THE CHIROPRACTOR!!!!!
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Daphne Lankford Vines It is so cute how you included the kids,they are growing up so fast ! Thanks for posting it for us to see.It's the next best thing to being there! love you all so much!! xoxoxoxox
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Nancy Hall DeValve You'd better believe your mom and me are your biggest blog fans!
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Alesha Vines Suzanne you are way too kind. But thank you! As for the glucose levels, I have no idea. I got on google after I heard back from the nurse, since overall I eat really healthy. It sounds like it's kind of just how your body reacts to the pregnancy, and each one is different. Overweight people can get it, and super healthy marathon runners get it too. All that to say, I have no advice!
Daphne, Natalie, Nancy, we love you all too! It's great to have fans ;P. One of these days I'll get motivated and just post about the older two. I have a million post ideas but by the evening when I sit down to write my mind just goes blank. It's hard enough to even finish a sentence or find the correct word with the swiss cheese I currently have going on upstairs!
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Alesha Vines Or you could just make an unwise food choice right before you drink the koolaid. That's always a valid option.
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Casie Campos So cute! Can't wait to meet mac n cheese!
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Alesha Vines Or you could scratch all that, Suzanne, because I just saw the numbers from my test and I most definitely don't have GD. Pretty far from it. I'll tell about it in the 20 week update.