Saturday, February 20, 2010

26 weeks

Ahem. Do you see my ticker, over there on the right hand side of the screen? And do you see the estimated number of days left in my pregnancy? That’s right, folks, we broke into double digits! Seriously though, I can’t believe I’m under 100 days! So here we have a 26 week belly shot…

Am I really that big? I think it's the angle. And this is our vegetable for the sixth month (that’s an awfully big eggplant)…

Mom: I’m sorry because I know you like the continuity, but this will have to be the last time I have a belly picture in the polka dot shirt. It’s not a maternity shirt, and it won’t be fitting over my belly again anytime soon I don’t think. I will try to pick another shirt that looks like it will fit me until the end, so that you can continue to have continuity. But holy moly look how big my belly is! I promise you that it was not that big at the beginning of this week!

Here’s a little survey:

How Far Along: 26 weeks

Total Weight Gained: A lady never tells…

Maternity Clothes: Always. Except for the polka dot shirt, which, as I said above, will be retired after today.

Sleep: I love to sleep, I do a lot of it, and I’m still doing ok with it. Not especially comfortable, but not especially uncomfortable. I love all of my pillows and can’t stand sleeping on my sides. Haven’t gone back to having to get up in the night to potty, but I’m sure it will come with the 3rd trimester.

Best Moment of the Week: Dropping below 100 days left!

Worst Moment of the Week: My brother in law’s dad died yesterday, and all of the arrangements and everything fall to him. Please pray for him—I can’t imaging losing one of my parents right now, and he’s only a couple of years older than me. That was also basically his only parent because he is estranged from his mother.

Movement: All the time!! I am growing a little soccer player. (Or if you’re going to take my husband’s side, a football kicker) I love that I can see it bigtime from the outside too.

Food Craving: I haven’t craved anything yet. I do like fruit and Asian food though. Ok, I just like to eat.

Food aversions: Some Italian. Haven’t even been able to think of it since it made me sick my first trimester.

Gender: It's a boy! We have a name, but I’m not putting it on here until after he’s born. If you want to know, you can email me.

Belly Button: Definitely in. But shallower than pre-pregnancy. It feels weird when you push on it. I’m not sure if it will pop. Nathan thinks it will. When I was a little kid, I thought that the baby’s umbilical cord connected to the mommy’s belly button, and that was how the baby breathed.

Labor Signs: Lots of Braxton-Hicks

What I miss: Walking like a normal human being. My SPD is coming back with a vengeance and it really hurts to walk. People think I have the pregnant waddle but I’m actually just limping and walking gingerly. I have to be really careful not to slip and getting in and out of the car or bed because if my legs go too far apart it feels like my pelvis ripped in half. I’m hoping to see a chiropractor soon. I know it’s all worth it for the end result though!

What I look forward to: Getting my nursery furniture! I ordered it and can’t wait to get it and see it put together in Piglet’s room!

Milestones: He’s getting pretty close to 2 lbs!

As an addendum to the waddling bit, Nathan and I were walking around the mall earlier this week and I was pretty sore from walking all day so I was gimping. Nathan looked at me and started to do a penguin walk to make fun of me, except he exaggerated it a lot. When I told him he was just drawing attention to us he said he guessed I could just be his penguin. Silly boy, he always makes me laugh.


Dusty Penguin said...

Nice post. Goodbye to the polka-dot top:) I'm sorry your SPD is getting bad again. Find that special chiropractor lady.

Amber said...

Its so exciting to be under 100 days now I must admit too:) Im another one who is starting to feel huge and like Im really packing on the pounds. How are you doing this week any big changes?