Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines Day! This is Shane's gift from his "girlfriend", Aunt Melissa (and Uncle Thomas). He also got two baby signing books from Mama and Daddy. I know it doesn't look like it in the below picture, but he LOVES to swing.  I foresee many happy hours here!

He is naked because he is my nakey-loving heathen baby. And it was warm enough. And he's wearing a diaper. Sheesh!

And for my valentines day, I got a cover for my Kindle with a built in light! It's sa-WEET, and way better than chocolates or flowers or whatever else.

I think Shane called me Mama yesterday.  Really.  We were out for a walk and he was facing forward in his stroller, but turning his head up and back to look at and "talk" to me.  After a while he got preoccupied with looking around and I put the hood of the stroller forward so I could get my water out from underneath it.  After walking for a while I hear "Mama?" and I put the hood back down to find him looking back for me.

Nathan also swears Shane has called him Da-da. 

I don't know if he really called me Mama or not but it seems like he may have. What do you think?

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Hannatu said...

First, put some clothes on that boy. It's the middle of winter! The truth is, I'm jealous that you leave where it's warm enough to do that in February.
Second, I definitely believe he can be saying mama and dada. Daniel talked very early....I think kids who are read to a lot do talk early.
Third, I'll be curious to see how your Kindle cover works. John had one and then his Kindle wouldn't boot up and Amazon said it was the cover. So they replaced it for him and he paid the extra to upgrade to one with a light. But now the same thing is happening with this cover. I'm just curious to know if anybody else has the same problem. When the Kindle isn't in a cover it works just fine.