Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shane and Savannah

On Saturday our friends Adrian and Casie invited Shane and I over for linner (that's lunch/dinner for those of you who aren't hip to my vocab ;) since Nathan was working. They have a sweet 2 1/2 month old little girl named Savannah and Shane seems pretty taken with her. Adrian was holding her and Shane kept putting his arms out to try to carry her so Adrian helped him "hold" her. It was so sweet!
 Later that evening Shane was giving Casie the "mup" dance so she put him up on the couch next to Savannah. He was rubbing her hair and patting her and then leaned over and kissed her voluntarily several times. My heart just melted, especially since he's very sparing with his kisses!
 Shane kept trying to pick Savannah up so Casie helped him hold her. As Shane was holding her Savannah twisted around and gave us a HELP ME look and I got a picture but unfortunately it was crazy blurry. Very sweet though! I was really touched by how much Shane liked her and I think he'll be a good big brother. He didn't ask for a sibling and we are giving him one anyway, so hopefully they will love each other a lot!
See this huge plastic box? On Saturday morning I stopped at the Farmer's Market store next to the bowling alley where I have my class and bought this big box stuffed with blueberries for only $1.99! And boy were they good; big, sweet, juicy, and perfect. We had a few with our yogurt at breakfast on Sunday morning and Shane really loved them. All day I fantasized about making blueberry muffins.
 After supper Sunday evening I put Shane in his high chair while I did dishes and kitchen chores and I gave him blueberries for his dessert since he liked them so much. Before I knew it that entire big box of blueberries was nearly gone!
 I quickly snatched up the cup and a half I needed for my muffins, reserved one for my 7 week post, and gave Shane the few that were left. I couldn't believe how much he liked them and how fast he ate them!
My muffins were scrumdiliumptous by the way--I made them with sifted whole wheat flour and applesauce so they are fairly healthy and very moist and fluffy. We have been having them for our breakfasts this week and we both love them! I plan to stop again this weekend and buy several boxes--I'll freeze whatever we can't eat.

This is going to be TMI so feel free to skip but I think it's funny: Since Shane ate nearly the entire box of blueberries in one day his #2 has been black and his bum is stained dark blue. Ok, I'm done being disgusting now--at least for this post!

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Anonymous said...

you will have to share your recipe for blueberry muffins those sound delicious! Morgan is also a huge blueberry fan so Im sure she would love them too.