Thursday, October 6, 2011


The weather is finally starting to cool off here after months of temperatures over 100 degrees. And by cool off, I mean that we're dropping down into the 80s. Ha! Cool! It makes me laugh to think of that as cool. Anyways, this lovely weather means that Shane and I are spending more time outdoor. We've gone to the park several times, although I don't have pictures of that since I was too busy chasing Shane around.
He really enjoys being outdoors and in this weather, really, who wouldn't? We're having cool breezes and cooler days and it's just lovely. At our park there is a wooded, paved walking trail that I call the "nature trail" and Shane and I walked on it for a while on Sunday.  Of course I say walk but with a toddler it's more like meandering. We take a few steps and stop to look at an interesting rock, or stick, or leaf, or patch of dirt, or bird flying by. And going slowly is ok with me, because I get to experience the world all over again. I know we are supposed to teach our children things but I think we can learn a lot from them too. Shane is teaching me to go slowly and really notice the world again. I love how the simplest things bring him pleasure.
On Tuesday Shane and I went to Sam's Club to find a new camera. Sam's had a deal where you get a Canon Rebel T3, distance lens, 4G SD Card, and camera case so I got one. I've been wanting a quality camera for a few years now and I'm excited to learn how to use my new baby! I've restricted myself from doing much with it because I have a test in every class this week but I'm hoping to learn it a little more during our 6 hr drive to San Antonio next week. The following pictures are from my new camera.
 After Sams we went to Pei Wei for some lunch! I got my usual Pad Thai and Shane got a bowl of fried rice. He wouldn't eat any that day but he has loved his rice as leftovers. I brought over half my Pad Thai home as leftovers and ate it for supper last night after school. I couldn't believe it, but Shane really liked it too. It was very spicy so we were sitting there eating with our noses running!
 This morning was cloudy and breezy so I took the opportunity to clean out, vacuum, and armor all the car in preparation for our road trip. I just cannot go a distance in a messy car! I corralled Shane in the back of Nathan's truck while I worked (our yard is open to the road) and he found lots of things to look at. Above he's looking at birds, and below he's watching an airplane. He can say "bird" and airplane sounds like "buhplane".
 Shane's sweetest moment this week was when we were sitting on the couch together and he leaned over and kissed my belly a couple times. I asked him if he was kissing the baby and he pointed to my belly. I have no idea why he would do that but they say kids have a sixth sense about those kind of things.  It was very cute!

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