Tuesday, April 8, 2014

12 Weeks {1 Day}

I had my second prenatal visit today. I found out that at this practice they don't even bother to try to check heartbeats with a Doppler, they just do a brief (VERY brief!) scan to look at their hearts beating. I didn't even get a picture, but it was such a huge relief after a month of worrying about losing one or both babies to see two little hearts beating away in there, and two extremely squirmy little babies partying in their extra large uterus. I'm back to the medical model of care, which is a really nice way of saying that the doctor I saw was pretty rushed and abrupt. I see every doctor in the practice, and then I can choose whichever one I like best to see for the rest of the pregnancy. When I go into labor, however, I just get whoever is on call. My next appointment will be at 16 weeks, then 20, at which time I'll have a detailed growth ultrasound. Then at 24 weeks, and after that I go every two weeks to the doctor. I'll also have a scan every three weeks to make sure both twins are growing at the same rate and one is not sucking all the nutrients from the other.

Here a photo of fraternal twins, which ours are (not identical--each have their own sac, umbilical cord, and placenta)

From babycenter.com: The most dramatic development this week: reflexes. your baby's fingers will soon begin to open and close, his toes will curl, his eye muscles will clench, and his mouth will make sucking movements.  In fact, if you prod your abdomen, your baby will squirm in response, although you won't be able to feel it. His intestines, which have grown so fast that they protrude into the umbilical cord, will start to move into his abdominal cavity about now, and his kidneys will begin excreting urine into his bladder. Meanwhile, nerve cells are multiplying rapidly, and in your baby's brain, synapses are forming furiously. His face looks unquestionably human: His eyes have moved from the sides to the front of his head, and his ears are right where they should be. From crown to run, your baby-to-be is just over 2 inches long (about the size of a lime) and weighs half an ounce.

How far along: 12 weeks, 1 day
Size of babies: Two limes!
Total weight gain: 0
Stretch marks: All of my old ones! Just from Shane, I didn't get any new ones from Azaria but I expect that will change this time.
Maternity clothes: Pretty much exclusively. This belly grew FAST!
Sleep: Okay. I'm so tired all the time but I have been for the past three years so whats the difference. I usually wake up about twice to potty, and several other random times just because I'm pregnant I guess. Could be better, but it will be a lot worse in the end!
Movement: I don't think so, but I expect to feel something soon!
Food cravings: None
Food aversions: I've had some food aversions in the first trimester, but nothing that made me really sick. That is, up until this week! I have felt pretty nauseous and unable to do anything this week, but hey, how can I complain since I've only had a week of it instead of three months!
Genders: I don't know. But I am guessing one of each.
Labor signs: None, and I'd like to keep it that way until at least 36 or 37 weeks!
Belly button: In. But a little shallower
Wedding rings: On and normally loose.
What I miss: Good sleep. Energy
What I'm looking forward to: Going to Ohio later in April for my dad's graduation WITH A MASTER'S DEGREE!!!
Best moment of the week: Seeing two little heartbeats and two little squirmy babies!
Worst moment of the week: Feeling sick. Ugh.
Weekly wisdom: Sleep as much as you can. Plan your life to have twins before any other children so that you can actually have time to rest. Oh, wait, that's not in your control. Never mind.
Verse: Matthew 6: 25-27 "Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?"

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AbrioezJoy Stevensons Awe I love it! Great pic gorgeous girl!!!
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Lindsay Wheeland This is amazing! You look fantastic!
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Alesha Vines Aw, thanks guys!
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Emma Hardee Cox You look so amazing in this pic! Two babies in the belly & two at home look good on you.
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Erin Hirschman Coulter Awesome! Can't wait to see that belly grow!
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Jill Simpson You look great!!!!
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Trish Erin Palac So happy for you! And you look great!!!
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Leah Damon I loooove your hair! And I totally just learned you are having TWINS!!! OMG yaaaaay!!!!
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Jen Gilman Love love love reading these!!!
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Jeremiah Wilkins I like what you did with your hair.
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Darylene M Whitcomb the smile is full of joy....
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Peggy Fewlass are you going to find out if they're boys, girls, or one of each??
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Beth Campbell I love this, and you're so beautiful!
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Bonnie Hubbard Love ur hair + you look great ! Luv ya
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Daphne Lankford Vines wow girl they are growing fast!! it has only been 2 weeks the last time I saw you!!
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Daphne Lankford Vines BUT YOU LOOK GREAT!!
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Nancy Hall DeValve Yeah! You're back to blogging!
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Nancy Rachall love y'all you look beautiful
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Alesha Vines Thanks guys! You're so sweet. Bonnie, Jeremiah, Leah, I live the hair too! It was so long but I just never did much with it. So I decided to go for a little rock n roll chic. Peggy back when I thought we were having one I wanted to be surprised but now I've decided that twins were surprise enough for one pregnancy and we're going to find out!
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Candace Cook Awesome blog! I am so excited for y'all!!
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Natalie Wilkins Yeah!!! Blogging again!
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Natalie Wilkins I love the colors of the blog. To everyone else, she looks bigger in the picture than she does in real:) And, even though she says the babies can't hear yet, I like my little delusion that they can hear me tell them that I love them!
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Peggy Fewlass Good one Natalie! Alesha ....you one sexy hot Mama!! Just like my Samanatha .....oh my..... Samanatha's probably gonna see this .........truth tho......just sayin!!!
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Amanda Lutz You look gorgeous!
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