Tuesday, July 29, 2014

27 and 28 Weeks {4 Days}

Sorry guys, I don't have any of the cute fruit/veggie pictures with the kids for these two weeks. 27 weeks were two rutabagas. I'm not entirely sure I'd recognize a rutabaga, much less know how to eat two of them!
27 weeks brought a few strange pregnancy symptoms. I discovered that the odd, smooth patches on my tongue devoid of taste buds are what is known as geographic tongue--sometimes brought on my the hormones of pregnancy. In my case it's utterly painless, just...odd. I had my 3am insomnia return, but thankfully only for for or five days. I also noticed that my skin is incredibly sensitive sometimes. So sensitive that even the brush of one of the kids touching me makes me just want to scream. It seems to be most concentrated in my legs and torso, but thankfully it's not constant!

At 28 weeks, the twins should be around 2 1/4 lbs each, or around the size of an eggplant. Again no picture with the kids because I can't stand eggplant, so what would I do with two?!

Do I look tired? Cause I feel tired. Obviously I'm so tired I didn't clean the mirror after Shane "cleaned" for me.

The twins seem to be doing well, and I think I am as well although I won't lie, I'm certainly feeling large! Can I just tell you how heavy this belly is? I feel like I'm nearly full term with a singleton. Evening walks (waddles?) are pretty out of the question for me, as I'm in quite a lot of pain from my hips and I seem to have a lot of BH contractions when I walk in the evenings. The pool is as much as necessity as ever; what a blessing that I'm having this pregnancy in a place where I can be in the water nearly every day.

My favorite time of the day is the evening, when I lay down and watch the twins move. It's incredible to see how big and obvious they are already as they dance around, and they still have 10ish more weeks to grow! It creeps Nathan out to watch or feel them. He says it looks like aliens dancing around under my skin and it's creepy. So I guess it served him right that the last time he tried yelling at my belly to wake them, he got a thump in the mouth! Haha.

Oh, and lest I forget, I failed my second one hour glucose test. Even though I passed the three hour with flying colors last time, they wanted to diagnose me with GD since I failed the one hour a second time. I refused to go to the MFM (my insurance won't cover them!) and told the nurse I wanted to take the three hour again. I won. Yaaay? Lucky me. Darn double placentas!

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Mommy Becoming said...

Leah Damon Hmm I noticed I get a lot of BH contractions when I walk at night (or chase Oliver on walks during the day) is that normal/bad? I have an appointment tomorrow and was gonna ask my doc about it because I am only 25 weeks and didn't have any at all with Oliver until a week or so before he was born:(
July 30 at 12:54pm · Like

Erin Hirschman Coulter Leah, you have more BH with every subsequent child. It's totally normal.
July 30 at 12:59pm · Like · 2

Natalie Wilkins I'm so glad you have the pool. Let me know when you get the box of clothes, and post or email me pictures of you wearing them, so I can see how they fit (or don't fit). Need some new pics of the kiddos, since they didn't get to hold veges:)
July 30 at 1:00pm · Like · 1

Daphne Lankford Vines Ya grandmas need pics!!! You look great!
July 30 at 1:11pm · Like · 1