Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July Weekend

Last weekend my mom and dad came down for a visit. They got here on Thursday night and *sniff, sniff* left on Sunday after church. As with most visits it was way too short, but we packed in lots of fun (and work)!

I realized as I was getting pictures off my camera that I took hardly any! Bummer man. Friday morning mom got Azaria all dressed up and gave her her first braids. She looked like Pippi Longstocking!

The socks...oh, the socks. One time Daddy dressed Azaria and pulled her socks up to her knees. Ever since then, she refuses to fold them over and wears them like knee socks. Toddler personal style, man. Live and let live.

Since Azaria got all dressed up and was being oohed and aahed over, Shane left to go get dressed up too. He didn't want any help, he just wanted to surprise Grandma and BopBop. This is his pirate get-up, and it's his current favorite. I didn't get it in the picture, but the outfit includes his cowboy boots. Always.

My parents got up with the kids each morning, and I slept until between eight and nine. (We won't discuss Nathan's sleep habits). There was a lot of book reading, play time, and love and hugs. I absolutely love seeing the kids light up and attach to their grandparents! 

A wonderful part of the weekend for me, other than enjoying my parents company, was all the help. Mom did all of my piled up laundry and cleaned my stove. Dad took over a huge project I'd been exhausting myself on. They helped with the cooking and cleaning up and the kids. It was so nice! 

Hey, speaking of all that laundry? In the middle of the second load of laundry we heard the washer start making a really odd clicking noise. Now this washer is only about a year old. I had to get a new one when we moved here because my old (VERY old) one rusted out in storage. It's a good brand, and there's no reason it should be breaking down! However, because it's a newer, although basic, model, it's got electronics involved. Dad and Nathan pulled it out and took it apart and hemmed and hawed and I'm not even sure what all they did, but after searching around on the internet Nathan came to me with the part they thought it required and a price. After I picked my jaw up off the floor and recovered from my minor heart attack, I turned back to whatever I was doing. A short time later I hear Nathan exclaim, "there's a sock in it!" He decided to take the drain pump apart before buying a new one, and he found a big pink sock (left) stuck deep inside. We still aren't sure how it possibly could have gotten in there! I looked at the sock and swore up and down that I had never seen a sock in that size and color before. Mom thought maybe it was one of Shane's that started white and turned pink because of whatever drained through it. That night I looked through a bag I keep of lone socks and found the original (right). Smaller, pinker, and at the BOTTOM of the bag. That sock must have been in the pump for months! 

Then, not too long later, I was using the blender to make part of our supper. I smelled burning, took the blender jar off, and saw the base motor smoking. I threw it outside and huffed and puffed a little longer about another appliance biting the dust. This may have even been before the washer was fixed (for FREE, thanks for persisting Nathan!). Nathan and Dad took it apart after it cooled down to see if they could fix it, but it was DOA. Shane was out there helping the big guys--he pal-ed around with them all weekend and it was amazing to see him light up with all the male attention.

We stayed up late on the fourth after a nice supper of bean burgers, potato salad, and black bean brownies. Fireworks were cancelled in our area due to the hurricane effect storms that had been expected, so we hung out on the back porch and enjoyed the nice cool evening. Below you can see "the boys" working on (taking over) my project--but more on that in another post!

Saturday we hit the beach bright and early. No pictures, but lots of fun! Daddy took Shane out and broke waves with him for quite a while. Azaria wasn't interested in much but playing in the sand. I found myself kind of nervous to go out with either of the kids. My big old belly makes me float even more easily than normal and I didn't feel comfortable trying to keep them safe. Once we got them fed and down for naps, mom took a sewing project off my hands (more on that later, too) and I worked on gluing and taping my "fix-it" pile of toys, books, and hair clips. 

Once the kids got up from their naps mom and I took them to Chik-fil-A to play in the play place while the men watched a movie. I love how clean Chik-fil-A keeps their play place!

Eventually the guys met up with us and we were treated to an amazing dinner at Red Lobster. Thanks so much mom and dad! The kids went down to sleep straight away, and mom went to bed soon after. The rest of us watched Grownups 2. It was so funny! We went to early service at church Sunday so my parents could get on the road sooner. We stopped at a couple shops on the way home from church, and after a quick lunch they were headed back to Ohio and I headed back to church for a meeting. 

Thanks for making that huge drive, guys! We wish you could've stayed longer, but we are so glad you came!


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