Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Car

Our car has been on its last legs for several months now, and I've been putting aside money for a new engine. As the stupid thing puffed and panted it's way home on Friday night after work I grew very angry, and decided that I was going to roll it off the side of a cliff. Thankfully, I couldn't find a cliff and when I got home Nathan told me that he was getting a motor the next day and putting it in. This was the past weekend. So he worked on it on Saturday night, Sunday, Monday night, and probably will again tonight. I think he is nearly done. Thomas, who is my friend Melissa's husband and a friend of Nathans, has been helping him nearly the entire time. While our husbands worked on the junker--er, I mean, the car--Melissa picked me up and I went to their house for the weekend. We enjoyed having some girl time!

Taking the old motor out...

Old motor out...

Yes, there is a reason that my dear sweet husband is standing halfway in a manhole. You see, he has always admired the Ninja turtles and decided to take the opportunity to be like them. No, really what happened was that his keys were on his lap, and when he got out of the car (next to the storm drain) they fell out of his lap and down the drain. So he had to go down in the storm drain and find them. I guess it took him about a half hour. I wish I had been there with my camera, but Thomas took this picture for me. I think that the care should be done today, so lets pray that it runs well and is reliable for another 200,000 miles!

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