Monday, November 21, 2011

14 Weeks

I'm pretty sure this is about what I looked like at 20 weeks pregnant with Shane.

Sorry about the shirt Mom, I know you wanted me to wear the same one for every picture I take throughout this pregnancy but I'd already taken this picture before you asked me to do that, and this shirt will not be fitting me for many more weeks. Next time I'll find one that I think will fit the whole time.

I got to hear the baby's heartbeat again this week, which was great! If you're friends with me on Facebook, I posted a video of it there.

I am pretty much 100% on my energy levels, which is great. I have been tackling some put off projects that have been needing done. Like reorganizing--why is it that I need to do that constantly?! I'm always thinking of a better or a different way of using my limited space. And as I'm reorganizing I'm also making a sale/donate pile. As usual. But this time my excuse is that we are moving soon *cough, not until next August, cough* so we need to consolidate and not pack a bunch of stuff we don't use.

School is almost over, thank God!

I'm cooking Thanksgiving dinner and hosting it at my house this year! Woohoo! First time ever to cook T-day dinner myself. I hope it's good! I've been having dreams in which my turkey comes out of the oven frozen--ick!

I've gone from thinking I was feeling movement to being sure. I don't feel it every day, but when I do I know it.  For me personally, it feels like a little goldfish brushing its fins against the inside of my belly.

We don't find out baby's gender until January--I thought it was December but I was wrong. You see, the Dr. that does ultrasounds only comes to my birth center once a month, and the time he comes in December I'll only be 18 weeks. That is certainly late enough to find out the gender, but for all of the medical evaluations (which is the real reason to get the ultrasound) it is better to do the ultrasound between 20 and 24 weeks. Emily (my midwife) left it up to me if I wanted to get the scan in December or January, and since the real reason for getting an ultrasound is the medical evaluation I made the big girl decision to wait. I am personally not entirely comfortable with ultrasounds because I don't believe that we fully understand what their medical impact is but I will be getting this ultrasound, the anatomy scan, because it can catch many birth defects before that baby is born. For example, my friend's SIL had a baby whose intestines did not grow into the body before birth, and since they knew ahead of time they were able to have a surgical team standing by at the time of birth and it saved her life. This is just one example. It's a relatively short ultrasound, and good for peace of mind. And let's be real here--I want to know the baby's gender.

I think that's enough random thought for the week.

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