Friday, November 11, 2011

Second Trimester--13 weeks 3 days

Woohoo! We're in the second trimester now baby--we're cookin' with gas! I feel energy coming back too--yesterday I cleaned out and rearranged my kitchen cupboard "pantry" and cleaned the house. Today I had school and made a cake for Daphne's birthday tomorrow. I've been cooking our meals again (Please don't ask me to admit how many boxes of Kraft Mac we ate in the first tri, especially when I was so nauseous!)  and getting down on the floor a lot to play with Shane.  I still am going to bed early whenever I can and of course some days are better than others but overall I am having more days where I do chores/homework/playing with Shane and less days where I sit on the couch in a fog.

I cry at the drop of a hat, mostly anything related to babies, birth, or sentimental things. Nothing in real life though.  I remember this from last time!

Also, while I was taking a test in Psych today I pretty sure I felt the baby move. Made my day!

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Laura Bethie said...

Kraft Mac rocks when you need easy meals :)