Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Today and yesterday, Shane voluntarily told me/signed "I loved you." I melt!

Yesterday morning I was doing chores and when I sat down to take a break, Shane went out to the dirty clothes in the garage and got a washrag. He brought it in and washed himself, then his truck. Then he took it back out to the correct pile, brought back a pair of his pants, "dried" the truck, and took the pants back out to their pile. Then his found his key, got in the truck, and drove with his little arm hanging out the window like his daddy. It was SO cute.

A few days ago I was letting him run around naked while I did dishes so his diaper rash could air out. He came in the kitchen, pulled on my pants, and said "Mama, I pee pee." We might be getting close to time to potty train. And no, we don't call it pee pee we call it potty, but I suspect they sound the same when he says them.

So I brought out the potty someone gave us (that I thankfully recently scrubbed down with bleach and Dawn) and what did he do with it? He dumped his bowl of snacks in it, then picked it up and dumped them out and ran around in them shrieking with laughter. Yeah, guess he doesn't like that idea! Haha.

Shane has always called me Mama, never Mommy, but the other morning while I made breakfast he plopped down on the rug and wailed, "Mommmmmyyyyyy, owie boobie!" (Translated this means Mommy I got a pricker stuck in my foot and it hurts. Owie=pricker, Boobie=boo boo.) It was so sweet to hear him say Mommy! And going along with the whole boobie thing (I can't believe that is how he says boo boo), I taught him that when he gets hurt I'll kiss it and it'll be all better. So not anytime he gets any kind of bump or injury, no matter how small, he says boobie and comes over for it to be kissed all better.

Kids are incredible with the things they pick up and how fast they learn, especially at this age. It's so much fun to watch and see what he'll do next!

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