Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Twin Gender Reveal: Then and Now

Part 1, April 21st, 2014

What will they be?

I'm not publishing this post until I get confirmation at my next ultrasound, since we found out so early, but on April 21st we went to an elective ultrasound for an anniversary present. I'd wanted to get one while I was in Ohio for my Dad's graduation, since my mom hasn't ever gotten to see an ultrasound or one of my ultrasounds, but that plan changed when Nathan was unable to get leave to come along. I didn't think it was fair to potentially find out the twins' genders if he couldn't be there, so we did the next best thing. We went to the ultrasound and got a video to take her to see!

I was shocked, since I was only 14 weeks, but the sonographer was absolutely certain of what she was seeing. She told us the genders! The twins were so sweet and active--one was cuddled up to it's placenta and one was punching and kicking the other.

Before we went, Shane helped me sort out pink and blue candies to put in two little eggs for a gender reveal. We had to use plastic eggs since, after all, it was right after Easter!

Shane loves to sort things...especially when you get a piece as a reward after!

So when I got home that night I filled my little Easter eggs and packed them up to take to Ohio...where the kids gave them to my parents!

And the babies are...

...One of each! Wahoo!

I know these pictures are hard to understand. This twin was the one cuddling the placenta, which is that large blob. Head on the left.

The twins have been spooning each other in every ultrasound so far. Hope that continues all the way to a double vertex delivery!

Part 2, June 2nd, 2014

Now that I've had my "official" anatomy scan I'm glad to be able to finally publish this post. Both twins look healthy and whole. The difference is that twin A is actually our girl, Dani, and twin B is actually our boy, Dean. Dani (A) is estimated to weigh 12 ounces, and Dean (B) is estimated to weigh 14 ounces. Both placentas are posterior (toward my back) and both were extremely active during the ultrasound. At one point when the tech was trying to measure Dean's humerus he was kicking to fast that his legs were little blurs! For the first time the babies aren't spooning each other: Dani is head down, Dean is feet down, and both were kicking each other in the head the whole time. In the picture below Dani has her hand up by her cheek.

Dani, Twin A
The tech was really nice about explaining what she was looking at and measuring and thanks to my Anatomy and Physiology class I was following along really well. She didn't have a very good sense of humor though. As I laid down on the table I told her I hoped she didn't find a third hiding in there, and snickered. She very seriously told me that it was highly unlikely, and if I was having triplets I would have found out at the same ultrasound in which I found out I was carrying twins. Ooooookay. I didn't make any more jokes! I was grateful to her for her explanations though.

Dean, Twin B
 I wanted the big littles to be involved in helping introduce "their" babies, but they were more interested in playing with the balloons. I just LOVE how excited Shane is. He tells every random person he meets that hes having two babies; one for sister and one for him, and he'll share with me sometimes. He plans on sharing his bed with "his" baby. Azaria doesn't get it quite as much, but she loves to pat my tummy and say "babies", and then try to look under my shirt to find them.

I have about 15 funny outtakes, but I'll spare you and just share one. They were bouncing their balloons together so much that the above is the only one where they were still!


Amber said...

how exciting to get to find out the gender of your precious twins!

Mommy Becoming said...

Arlene Daniel Coulter Loved this!
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Corey Becky Mathis Congrats sweetheart! Love to read your blog and the pics of Shane and Azaria! Dani and Dean will have awesome siblings and pretty great parents too!
June 5 at 9:11am · Unlike · 1

Mary Brashear I agree Corey, Shane,Azaria,Dani and Dean will have great siblings and great parents.too.
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