Tuesday, September 23, 2014

36 Weeks {4 Days}

I guess I'll do a brief update, since I had a Dr appointment today and who knows how many days I have left to be pregnant!

I had one final growth ultrasound first, and the tech scared me at first by saying she thought that Dean had flipped to breech. Dean is Twin A, and if twin A is breech they won't do a vaginal delivery, although they don't care if twin B is breech. As it turns out though, they are just so squeezed in there that she was having trouble distinguishing body parts and both are still head down. Whew! She mentioned that there is a large margin of error at this point, but Dean is estimated to be 5 lb 8 oz, and Dani is estimated to be 5 lb 10 ounces. 

Then I saw Dr D, who I've been requesting ever since I went to L&D just for continuity of care (and I like her). We talked a little about some things going on, and she checked me and found me to be another cm dilated (5) and with membranes bulging. I told her I wanted to make it to 38 weeks and she said I could certainly try--I've made it past what everyone guessed so far. She doesn't think I will though, and I guess I don't really either. 

I've felt really nauseous and "off" today, and had a few other signs that labor might be coming. It might be something I ate, or it might really be coming, but either way I called my mom and asked her to come. I burst out in tears at the very thought of it, and when I talked to her on the phone, and that's completely unlike me so I really feel like it was one of the emotional sign posts and hopefully it was the right thing to do. She's on her way now! I've felt for the last few days like maybe I'm just holding out until she gets here, so we'll see. I would really like to make it to Shane's eye Dr. appointment tomorrow!

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