Friday, September 19, 2014

36 Weeks

We made it! Praise Jesus! Only one more week until twin full term, and really good lung maturity! This weeks the twins should be around 6 lbs each and around 18 1/2 inches. 

I had an appointment today and I dilated another cm to 4, but no changes in effacement or Dean's station so that's good. I'm not technically on bed rest anymore, but the Dr. said to continue to be lying down as much as I can since that's when I have the least contractions. Moving around throws me into strong and closer contractions, so I'm trying to "Let it Go". I hate that song so much, by the way. It's been nice to have Nathan home this week to let me keep the babies cooking! The babies look good; they both had heart rates of 134 today, and I'm doing well too. Low BP,  no weight gain or loss, no swelling, etc. 

Want a glimpse into our week? This is how we do story time every night now. Cuddled up together on the big bed!

And one last picture, just for fun. 

SO, SO happy to have made it to 36 weeks! Thanks for the prayers, all. I keep reminding myself that their birthday has already been chosen, and it is not in my hands.


Jennifer Izzo said...

Continuing to pray ♡ I knitted alot to help me "let it go" when I was on bed rest., along with reading my bible & checking out pinterest to pass the time. I hope this helps. :) can't wait to hold those sweet babies ♡ praying all goes beautifully for your growing family!

Hannatu said...

Yeah for 36 weeks! How about another week or two, babies?