Thursday, September 18, 2014

Shane Goes To School

You asked me for MONTHS if it was time for you to go to school yet. MONTHS. Every time I told you, "in the fall, baby". Then it was "next week, baby". Finally, after a fun weekend and Uncle Jer and Aunt Heather's house, it was "one more sleep, baby".

And then it was the day!

We warmed up to it with a special day of school shopping for your markers and crayons and picking out a red folder. Grammy sent you a special lunch box with Pirate Jake, and mommy ordered a doggy backpack you picked out.

When we walked out the door that morning, you said "mommy, I'm nervous". "It's ok, baby," I said. "It's ok to be nervous. I bet you'll have lots of fun once you get there though!"

And then you melted down over taking a picture, because there were Cicada shells stuck to our favorite tree and you didn't want bugs to get on you, even though I promised they were just empty shells.

I don't waaaaaaaana take a picture waaaah!

I'm going to whine AND smile. 
Oh wait, I forgot, I AM excited about going to school.
Daddy got to go in to work late so he could go to school with us on the first day, and sister tagged along with her little puppy lunchbox so she felt included. We stopped after we got out of the van to pray over you and take another picture. 

We had visited your classroom and your new teachers the week before, so you were familiar with where you were going, but the halls were packed and chaotic and I could feel your little hand grip mine more tightly. We stopped to take one last picture at your teachers sign, and she was waiting right there to welcome you to class.

You gave us all hugs and kisses, and walked right in to look for your special backpack hook and your teddy bear to match up to the attendance board. 

The first afternoon I picked you up you were about the grumpiest I've ever seen you. You were pretty happy after a long nap, though, and every day since then when I pick you up and I ask you how your day was, you say "great, mommy!" or "it was awesome!" I'm so glad so see how much you love going and all of your activities. Every day you bring home papers and I'm not sure what to do with all of them, but I enjoy getting a little glimpse into what you did that day. 

Miss Charlotte says you are doing really well and this week she started a new chart she sends home with you every day that has a red, green, or yellow mark on it to show us how well you listened and participated that day. You are so proud to show mommy your chart and another green dot. The only day you have gotten a yellow dot was the day we had to take you to Miss Cassie's in the middle of the night and you got up extremely early. Extenuating circumstances, I think. You love earning your "lovey" pompom for good behavior every day and getting to pick a prize at the end of the week. This week you got the classroom helper job you've been telling me you wanted since the first day of school: the lunch box distributor! Last week you were the caboose, and the first week of school you were a trash helper. 

Once in a while you come home telling me someone is weird, or someone was mean to you, and I hope in those moments that I'm teaching to how to be kind, how to love people that aren't like you, and how to stand up for yourself too. 

It's hard for me to believe you are already big enough to go to school. Yesterday I think you were giving your new sissy kisses and the day before that you were laying on my knees in the soft glow of a sunrise on the morning after you were born. You are kind, and boisterous, and you love to help. You are frustrating, and challenging, and four big years old. You want to be in the Navy or the Air Force when you grow up, and "drive a boat like Daddy". Your favorite color is orange, you say the most incredibly precocious things, and you still crawl into bed with us many nights. I couldn't imagine my life without you, precious boy. I love you forever and always. Mommy.

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