Saturday, April 24, 2010


I have been waiting for MONTHS to write a post with that title. If you don’t get it, it means 35 weeks/35 days left to go. HOW COOL IS THAT PEOPLE!!!
How Far Along: 35 weeks
Sleep: Potty one or two times. Roll over very frequently. After second potty break, stay away to think for an hour or so.
Movement: All the time!! Sometimes I think he might pop out. Or pop a rib. Either one.
Food Craving: I can’t have cravings. I have to eat a certain way. Period.
Food aversions: None, although I’m feeling a touch of nausea here and there. Oh, please, don’t come back morning sickness.
Gender: Team Blue!!
Belly Button: Almost flat innie.
Labor Signs: LOTS of Braxton-Hicks.
What I miss: Not having pelvic pain. Being able to put on shoes easily. Painting my toenails.
What I look forward to: Nathan coming home.

Nathan will be gone again this weekend. He was gone last weekend. Um, the last time he was home was the 12th, and this is the 24th, and it looks like he’s going to be gone for at least the next week. I’m trying not to be bummed because it’s really important that he is working! But I sure wish he would have looked for a job that was in town, because it’s tough having him gone so much. Our second anniversary was last weekend, on the 18th. Very thoughtfully he asked Melissa to get my flowers and card for him, and he told her what to write in the card. So I know he remembered, and made an effort, and I greatly appreciate it. Maybe one of these years we’ll actually be able to celebrate our anniversary.

On Wednesday I left work and my car started to overheat so I pulled over in a parking lot to put some water in the radiator. (I usually have to fill the radiator once a week. I just usually remember BEFORE the car is warm.) I figured it wasn’t too big of a deal since I’d only been driving for five minutes or so. I parked in the shade and waited a few minutes, then decided to take the cap off. I am very well aware that you are not supposed to open a radiator cap on a hot car. But, my car was only warm and I know how to do it when the engine is warm because I’ve seen mechanics at the shop do it. Except I couldn’t find a rag to put over it so I just turned the cap and snatched my hand back quickly. As expected, it boiled over. Also as expected the cap went flying. What I didn’t expect, however, was that the cap would ricochet off the hood of the car, bounce on the ground, and…roll into a storm drain!!!! As I heard the clear ping of the cap hitting the bottom of the drain I do believe I said an un-lady like word. Then I snickered, for a second. And then as it sunk in that I was stranded in the middle of nowhere with an auto parts store nowhere nearby I got mad. At myself, for being too impatient to wait. At the car, for overheating all the time and for “letting” the cap bounce off the hood at just the right angle. And at Nathan for procrastinating on fixing the car when he knows it’s been overheating for months. (It’s always the husband’s fault when there is car trouble, you know.) So I called my dad. Because I always do when I have car trouble, and because I expect him to rescue me from a thousand miles away. No, really because I wanted to double, triple check that I couldn’t drive an hour home without a radiator cap. And then after I talked to him I cried for a few minutes. (Hmm. Pretty sure that my other hormone induced crying revolved around car trouble as well. That was on ultrasound day) Then I called Melissa and asked if Thomas would bring me out a new cap. As she laughed at me I told her that it would be funny tomorrow, but at the moment it was not. So she pretended to be serious although I’m reasonably certain she was still laughing inside and sent her husband to my rescue. Thank you Thomas and Melissa. (And like I said, it is funny now.)

Then yesterday my car started overheating AGAIN! I was surprised because I usually only have to fill the radiator once a week or so, and I had just done it the day before. Thankfully, this time I was in the town right before mine and I was only a few blocks away from an AutoZone. I made sure not to park near a storm drain, and waited until the car was stone cold before I opened the cap. In addition to antifreeze I also bought some stop leak that is “guaranteed” to stop any radiator leaks. I am hoping/praying that it works! When Nathan gets back to town we will be meeting a guy who wants to trade us a four door accord for our teggie. I am also praying that happens, because it’s not too much longer until I need to get that baby seat in there!

Oh, and yesterday? A deer jumped through one of the windows at church. True story.

I have another funny story about a package my mom sent me, but I want to try to get a picture first.

Anyone want to come mow my lawn for me? Or mop my floor?


Hannatu said...

Poor you. Of all the places that radiator cap could go flying!
And Poor deer. He must have been so confused.
And I'd love to mow or mop for you. If only I could. And you can mop your own floors, but don't you dare mow that yard.

Dusty Penguin said...

Do you have a regular mop so you aren't doing it on your hands and knees? Aunt Nancy is right--don't you dare mow that lawn! You're looking great! I can't wait for your picture and post about the funny package:) I'm sorry Nathan has been gone so long. Hang in there.

Melissa Larabee said...

I am so sorry that I laughed.... I just had the mental image of Nathan in the storm drain. I can't imagine all the emotions and thoughts. My bad. I'm glad we were available to help ya out! Wouldn't have it any other way. (unless Nathan did it for you)

And yes, that dear.... She left SUCH the mess!

Amber said...

I didnt realize that 35 weeks=35 days so thanks for sharing! Love your shirt just curious where you got it from? Im in some serious need of cute stuff to actually fit since Ive gotten so huge! You are looking great.

For the nausea-I was told that when the baby starts dropping sometimes you will feel bouts of nausea.