Thursday, June 3, 2010


As you may or may not know, I originally did not want to be induced.  Pitocin contractions are way different and more painful and make it difficult to have a natural birth, and because Pit is the start of interventions. And as I stated before, I want a natural birth.  There are a few reasons I agreed to the suggestion to induce at the end of the week.

Most importantly is that Nathan has to go out of town next week. He has been home several weeks and he HAS to go back to work.  This is not an option.  And it is more important to me that he be here to meet his son than that I go through labor without drugs.   Therefore I need to have the baby this week.

Second, this is a big baby. A very big baby. And I trust my doctor, who would not recommend induction unless he saw a reason for it.

Third, I have a good start on things already with being 3 cm and effaced.  That gives me a very good chance at successful induction.

I am nervous, and excited, and yes even a little bit sad because I am going to miss my baby moving and kicking and the knowledge that I can take care of him safely.

I am very glad my mom is here now!  We are going to get her hair cut and then walk around the antique mall for a little while.

And tomorrow, or maybe sometime Saturday, we'll meet little Piglet.

We covet your prayers.


A. Kay Daniel said...

You got our prayers!

Lesher, Pete was a pitocin-induced baby, all natural otherwise. He wasn't as big as your piglet, but he's proof that it can be done. Pit does make a painful labor, but you can do this. Give it your best shot before taking a shot! :)

I love you bunches of bunches. Sending virtual hugs for all of you. Can't wait to see the next batch of pics!


Mommy Becoming said...

Oh wow thank you for the encouragement, that is really good to know! I'm so nervous!

Amber said...

pitocin definitely makes contractions very painful but if you can handle the pain and bring something to seriously grip on to, it will make it hopefully a little better.

How exciting that you get to meet your little one soon!

Hannatu said...

I agree with A. Kay Daniel. Even with pit you can go natural. Just remember in the moment what you've decided and believe that you can get through it. One positive is that you will probably have a faster labor!