Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sweet Baby Boy

I can't get over my sweet baby. I love to just sit and watch him. He is just too beautiful!  We got home from the hospital on Sunday afternoon to a very hot house.  Our AC froze up and it was over 100 outside, and several people were at our house, including my grandparents from FL who were stopping for the afternoon on their way through to CO.  We ended up going out to eat with my grandparents and then they went to their hotel and we went to our pastor's house for the night.  We came home the next day after N fixed the AC and things have been going well since then.  I am so incredibly grateful that my mom is here to take care of me and love on my sweet little boy. I love every minute with mom, and I want to soak up every moment, every breath, every sweet little expression that Shane makes. He is a VERY well behaved baby. He only cries if he needs something and spends the rest of his time eating or looking at us. I love the way he looks at me while I am feeding him and the little dimples at the corners of his mouth. I am so blessed that he caught right on to breastfeeding, which is so bonding and that he isn't fussy. Nights are difficult but not horrible. One night he went four hours in between eating, and then other nights he only goes 2 hours.  I've given him a paci two times, both at night when he just wanted to nurse and nurse and nurse. I want to remember everything about these moments but my brain is so foggy it's hard to write a coherent sentence!

LOVE this picture--he's a deep thinker!
Daddy time
Getting dressed to go home

My grandma (Mom's mom)
My grandpa (Mom's dad)

Shane's first devotions. This picture is so precious to me--my mom reading him his bible story and then praying with him.
My sweet beautiful little boy.  3 days old.

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Amber said...

sweet pictures and so glad your mom is able to help you out with things how nice!