Friday, January 22, 2010

Funny Pictures

I was going through my phone deleting old stuff and I ran across a couple of funny photos. The first is a picture of Nathan from the day that we had our gender ultrasound. Read what the sign above his head says. The second is a picture of me from when we were at my parents house in Ohio. I was sitting at the table cutting beef and my dad was across the kitchen cutting onions. I've always had extremely sensitive eyes, and I started bawling. You can't tell very well, but I had makeup all kinds of streaked on my face!

And just as a praise, the front drivers side tire of my car has been pretty bald for a while now and I've know it was going to blow, but we can't afford a new one.  Just like the last tire that I wrote about, the trouble started days ago by the car vibrating a lot. All the way home from work yesterday I knew that they tire was going and I was praying that God would just let me get home safely because I would've been in deep hoodoo if it had blown on the highway. I would have been S.T.U.C.K. So I finally get home and look at the tire and it's split and bulging and peices are popping out. I think it's pretty obvious that the only reason it held until I got home is that God put his hand on it. Thanks!

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Melissa Larabee said...

GOD IS GOOD! And, just like last time, you wouldn't have been stuck, we would have had you taken care of! =p Hope to hang out in a few, waiting to see when ya'll leave a party.