Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shades of Red

Nathan has always claimed he couldn’t be embarrassed. In my experience that has always proven true—and I certainly never believed he could blush! That’s usually my department. Well, last night I proved him wrong!

You see, my dear sweet husband has a little problem—he likes to grab/smack my butt. And he does not care where we are, in public or private, or who is watching. I’ve turned red several times because of this. Last night, as we were walking into The-Armpit-of-the-Earth, otherwise known as Walmart, he grabbed my butt. So, I waited until we were past the elderly greeter (wouldn’t want to give her a heart attack, y’know), and grabbed his right back. His face flamed red and he hissed, “I know that girl that just walked by. I sung with her in choir in high school. And she was Looking. Right. At. Me!” Well, I cracked up. Because I’m a sweet wife like that. And in between howls of laughter I said encouraging things like, “I’ve never seen you blush before and YOWZA now you look like you belong in the tomato bin!” and, “See, now you know how it feels!” and, “You look so cute in that shade of red!”

Eventually, after I quit laughing and we got back to the car, I told him I was going to write about his experience in my blog. He said, “You can’t write about me in your blog! You can only write sweet things!” I laughed at him again and told him it was sweet for me!