Monday, March 15, 2010

29 weeks and the 3 hour test

I had my three hour test today. They drew blood when I got there, then gave me the drink. I got red this time instead of orange. I think it was better.  Then they drew again every hour on the hour for three hours. I should know the results in 24 to 48 hours. I am hoping and PRAYING that I don't have the diabeetus. It was really hard to keep the drink down this time and it was not much fun to go without eating for that long. I would recommend taking something to eat as soon as you are done--I almost passed out when I left. That's why I took Nathan! I guess the test wasn't too bad in the grand scheme of things.

As for blessings, God always shows himself to us in little ways. I have a light jacket that is a velour zipup hoodie from Liz Lange. I got it when Mom and I went to the O.nce U.pon a Child in Ohio. It's the ONLY jacket I have that is a maternity jacket and closes over my belly and it's very light so it's perfect for TX. Well I was wearing it to my Dr. appointment last week but took it off when I got warm and put it through my purse straps. Unfortunately when I got home I realized that I didn't have it. I was really bummed because I liked it and I don't have the money or the inclination to buy another one.  I really didn't believe that I would ever get it back but I went back to the office a couple days later anyways to check. And guess what? Some kind person had hung it on a doorknob right inside the door, so it was the first thing I saw when I walked in.  Thanks God! It made my day.

How Far Along: 29 weeks 2 days

Sleep: Not terrible. Not great.

Best Moment of the Week: Finding my jacket

Movement: Piglet's new trick is to wedge his head/butt up in my ribcage on the right side. If I rub it I can actually distinguish parts. It's not exactly comfortable, but pretty cool to know I'm really touching my baby!

Food Craving: Nah. Got Chipotle's for lunch today though. That made up for the glucose test!
Food aversions: None, but feeling pretty nauseous.

Gender: Team Blue!!

Belly Button: In. But getting shallower by the week

Labor Signs: LOTS of Braxton-Hicks.

What I miss: I don't know. I am really just trying to enjoy being pregnant, aches and pains aside. To be really honest, I miss smoking. But that is a blessing in disguise, because I don't think it's a very good testimony for a Christian to smoke anyway and I needed to quit because as we all know, it's extremely unhealthy and really not. It's also a blessing because N has finally quit as well. And no, I won't be starting again once Piglet is born. (With God's strength--I'll want to!)

What I look forward to: Girls weekend with Mellissa this weekend!!!!! Yay! We are going out of town—she does photography and was hired for a wedding that weekend, and I’m her handy assistant! We are going to have a BLAST. Baby showers! March 24th (church) and 27th (family/friends/coworkers)
Milestones: His head getting stuck in my ribs--funny!


Hannatu said...

I hope you pass the test! Will you have to cut out all sweets and starches if you don't? Take meds? Or just be monitored for problems?

Amber said...

I so hope that you and I both pass the test so we dont have to worry about diabetes I cant wait to hear your results! Im so ready to get my 3 hr test over with on Wednesday and hopefully not pass out.

Dusty Penguin said...

I really hope you don't have it, but even so, you should probably try to cut back on sugar and starches since your number was quite high anyway. I'm glad you found your jacket!