Thursday, March 18, 2010




I have the diabeetus.


Say it out loud. Doesn't it sound like some sort of horrible STD?

And yes, I do know how to pronounce Diabetes. It's just more fun to call it diabeetus. It rhymes with fetus.

Anyways, Carol, my favorite of Dr. H's nurses, called to tell me the news and kept calling me sweetie and told me not to worry that it would all be ok. Lol. IT'S NOT OK.  I WON'T BE EATING ANY MORE JUNK FOOD!!! HOW IS THAT OK?!?! And I'm pretty sure N will not be ok with it either, because I ain't gonna bake it if I can't have any of it.AND HOLY MOLY I DON'T WANT A TEN POUND BABY! Which is why I will be following what they tell me to eat. AND DADGUMMIT THEY CAN'T INDUCE ME I AM HAVING NATURAL DRUG FREE LABOR!!! Which is why I will put my faith in God that whatever happens is His will.

I think my freak out is over. But man this sucks. Pardon my vernacular. But it's true. The bright side, come on Pollyanna, what's the bright side.  The bright side is that I will be getting extra sonograms and my Dr has 3D built into his machine, if I get the right one. The bright side is that I can request Angie to do my sonograms, because she is a really sweet person and will give me pictures. The bright side is that I won't gain much more weight, because I won't be allowed. The bright side is that I won't be allowed to have a ten pound baby, because they would induce long before then. The bright side is that if they did induce, my mom could be here when the baby is born.

What Carol said is that they are going to send me to classes to learn how to eat for GD. I will have to take my blood sugar several times a day (um, fun. not.) I will have to keep track of my numbers and call them in.  I will be going to the Dr. more frequently. I will have sonograms and NST's (Non-Stress-Tests) to monitor Piglet.That's all I know right now.


Amber said...

aww Im so sorry to hear your news I was hoping for better news for you. Just curious what your numbers were or if they told you?

Dusty Penguin said...

You poor thing. I'm sorry. Do everything they tell you too. One lady told me to tell you to be glad you didn't find out when you were 2 months! Now you only have to endure it for 2 months.

Hannatu said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. Another bright side is that all that junk food isn't good for you anyway. (But it sure does taste good!) Make sure you do everything they tell you to cuz you've gotta take care of Piglet!

A. Kay Daniel said...

Sending love and hugs to you!!!